Cecil The Lion Killer Breaks Silence

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cecil-lionWalter Palmer, the 55-year-old man who sparked international fervor for killing one of the most famous lions in Zimbabwe opened up in an interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Sunday.

The dentist said he would return to his Minnesota practice on Tuesday, six weeks after it was discovered he was the hunter who paid $50,000 to kill Cecil the lion near Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

Palmer was forced to close his office, River Bluff Dental, after drawing widespread criticism for hunting the famous lion.

“This has been especially hard on my wife and my daughter,” he said “They’ve been threatened in the social media, and again…I don’t understand that level of humanity to come after people not involved at all.”

Palmer denied he had been in hiding, adding that he was out of the public eye to “see family and friends.” Read more at the Minnesota Star-Tribune.

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  1. We see that the evil wicked media is more “concerned” about animals being killed than they are of humans! Case in point – abortions! These same wicked media dogs not only don’t care, they encourage such murder! And this after the revelation that those wicked people are selling the body parts! Disgusting! Corrupt as corrupt can be!

  2. Yes, there was an uproar in Canada this summer when police shot and killed a bear who had climbed up a tree in a residential area and wouldn’t come down. They had legitimate concerns it would harm humans if left alone. Nonetheless everyone was upset about the Bears death.

  3. Bob we don’t learn halacha from the christians.
    If you want to you can. BecAuse it seems you forgot your not a christian republican. So stop thinking like one.


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