Cedarhurst Woman Wins Free Groceries for a Year


seasons The highly anticipated kosher supermarket to open in Flushing, Queens, in January now has a name. After an innovative contest in which participants got to suggest their own names for the new deluxe supermarket, general manager Mayer Gold announced that the store will be called “Seasons.” The winner of the contest (which received over 4,000 entries), Danielle Jacobs of Cedarhurst, will receive free groceries for a year.

Gold said his team chose “Seasons” because the planned upscale kosher supermarket will carry the freshest and best products in each season. It will also be managed by a team of seasoned professionals, said Gold, who has previously managed major Brooklyn and Queens supermarkets and has been active in the kosher food industry since his teen years. 

“I have always shopped in my own stores, and I routinely take people’s shopping lists to do trial runs, noting the ease or difficulty of the overall experience,” he said. “I believe that the food industry is ever evolving and that the layout and staffing of a supermarket must be somewhat dynamic, and a constant process where the customer’s experience can be continuously tweaked and improved.”

Customer feedback will also continuously play a key role at the new kosher supermarket.

To that end, the Seasons website, www.SeasonsNY.com, will include a discussion forum where customers can leave feedback, suggestions and comments on their overall shopping experience. The forum will be moderated by Seasons employees, including Gold, so that if demand warrants a change or addition, it can be done.

Following the “Name Your Supermarket”: contest, Gold and his staff are inviting customers to decide on the official store logo. To view the choices and cast your official ballot, visit www.SeasonsNY.com.

Right now, construction and renovation is in full-swing at the Main Street locale (where Supersol once stood). Once it opens under the Seasons name, the supermarket’s shelves will be stocked with an unparalleled selection of gourmet, commodity, and specialty goods. There will be wide aisles and a brightly-lit and modern look.

“Our customers know what they want, and we believe that by listening to them, we can give them just that,” said Gold. “We will not be stocking our shelves based exclusively on the advice of product salesmen and vendors, but also on the advice of our valued customers. Customer responses will influence nearly every decision we make in our store, from its name and logo to aisle width and product pricing.”

Cast your vote now for the new Seasons logo and begin counting down the days to a revolutionary shopping experience at Seasons, a market for the entire family, and for each one’s opinion.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The owners of Pomegranate must not be happy because they are now losing business from the kehillos in Kew Gardens Hills and Long Island.

    I wish this store’s owners all the hatzlacha in the world, but I am unsure that the Queens community could sustain a store of this magnitude, given its size. In Brooklyn, there are thousands of yidden from different neighborhoods. In Queens, not so much.


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