CELEBRATING TERROR AND JEW-HATRED: 500,000 Palestinians Gather In Gaza For Hamas Anniversary Rally

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Nearly half a million Palestinians have gathered for an afternoon rally ON sUNDAY commemorating the 31st anniversary of the founding of Hamas, the Islamist government in the Gaza Strip.

Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas’ political chief, said in a speech at the rally that a technological device had been seized from the Israeli military after an undercover operation in Gaza was exposed last month, resulting in the death of an elite Israeli soldier and seven Palestinians and sparked the most severe escalation in violence between the sides since a 2014 war.The device, Haniyeh said, exposed the IDF’s operational method in Gaza. The Hamas leader also commented on the two terror attacks in the West Bank this week, where two Israeli soldiers and a baby were killed in drive-by shootings.“I will also respond to the Zionists who are saying what is happening in the West Bank is based on directives and arrangements from Gaza. This is an accusation that we do not deny… because it is a source of pride reigning over all of us,” Haniyeh said.

Hamas said the first drive-by shooting that happened on Sunday last week was committed by one of its members in the West Bank. However, Hamas fell short of taking direct responsibility for the attack.

Hamas, which has its own security forces and military wing, aims to lead the Palestinian “resistance” against Israel. It is responsible for a long history of terror attacks against Israeli civilians and has fought in three wars against Israel since its founding in 1987. Read more at i24 News.

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