Cell Phone Number Suspended After Three Users Die in 10 Years


cell-phoneA mobile phone company in Britain has suspended the number 0888 888 888 – after every single person assigned to it died in the last 10 years. 

The first owner Vladimir Grashnov – the former CEO of Bulgarian mobile phone company Mobitel which issued the number – died of cancer in 2001 aged just 48.

Despite a spotless business record there were persistent rumours that his cancer had been caused by a business rival using radioactive poisoning.

The number then passed to Bulgarian mafia boss, Konstantin Dimitrov, who was gunned down in 2003 by a lone assassin in the Netherlands during a trip to inspect his £500 million drug smuggling empire.

Dimitrov, who died aged 31, had the mobile with him when he was shot while eating out with a model.

Russian mafia bosses – jealous of his drug smuggling operation – were said to have been behind the killing.

The phone number then passed to Konstantin Dishliev, a crooked businessman, who was gunned down outside an Indian restaurant in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia after taking over the jinxed line.

Dishliev, an estate agent, had secretly been running a massive cocaine trafficking operation before his assassination in 2005.

He died after £130 million of the drug was intercepted by police on its way into the country from Colombia.

Since then, the number is understood to have been dormant while police maintained an open file on Dishliev’s killing and his smuggling ring.

Now phone bosses are said to have suspended the number for good. Callers now get a recorded message saying the phone is “outside network coverage.”

A Mobitel spokesman would only say: “We have no comment to make. We won’t discuss individual numbers.”

{Telegraph/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Besides for the first one, the others lived a violent lifestyle and died that way. You can’t blame it on a phone number. On the other hand the number 8 represents some esoteric things so you never know…

  2. How silly can you get? I suppose the lifestyle of these three men had nothing to do with their dying young? It was their phone number that killed them, right?

  3. 1)”there’s no superstition by Yaakov”
    2)why was #5 allowed to be posted, it’s absolutely disgusting (no i’m not a hurt m-i-l, just a 17 yr old kid with a heart).


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