Cellular Israel Was Not Hacked

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By Aaron Perlman

This morning, somebody posted a Whatsapp saying that Cellular Israel, a cell phone company that supplies kosher services and filtering options for customers in Israel and the US, was hacked and that all credit card information was leaked.

Since the baseless publishing of this libel, they have received hundreds of emails from concerned customers across the globe. This is 100% false.

There was a hacking story a year and a half ago that was safely fixed with every customer personally contacted. I am familiar with the owner and staff of this company and they are honest and reliable.


  1. I actually got an email from them this morning saying “Information was stolen including, addresses, cc info and personal information between August 1 – Dec 31 of 2015 anything afterwards wasn’t affected. if you want to know about your info contact your bank and your credit Card company” any other questions , feel free to contact them at [email protected]

  2. Well I was one of those whose cc was compromised and I was NEVER notified.
    I only found out when I saw a charge in a taco bell in the Bronx on Shabbos.
    So don’t try to push the Ehrlichkeit of the owner because you know him. My name is on the list.

  3. They were most certainly hacked. We received an email from them and had a link with the list of names with all the credit card and address info on it.

  4. If so, the headline should be corrected as “Cellular Israel Was Not Hacked – Recently”.

    Fact: They were hacked at one point, and today all of their customers credit card information is available on line. However recent is another issue.

    I was a customer. My old credit card information is now publicly posted. The card number was compromised during that seminary year – I am unsure what/which hacking it was from. I was not contacted by Cellular Israel to inform me of their hacking incident.

    No one is alleging that the company owners are not ehrlich. People are concerned about their information though, and have every right to inquire.

  5. I was a customer and my card was INDEED compromised last year and I had to close the account after a few unauthorized charges were made.

    Today they finally admitted that they were hacked……….

  6. I’m sure they contacted everyone on the list it wouldn’t be worthwhile for them otherwise. Maybe you should check your emails…. I’m a very happy costumer and was informed by email…
    Don’t be so quick to bash….

  7. Ha, my name was on it but lemaaseh it didn’t make a difference. That card is/was totally maxed out and with all the penalties/fines/interest, even i can’t use it. Help!

  8. I was contacted by them a long time ago. Cheapest rates, best costumer service! Nobody is invincible to hacking. Always have used them, always will…

  9. The company owner is very Ehrlich and it is possible that an email could have went to spam or the address given originally was different then the one you usually check. It could be they reached out and you may have missed the calls. We are dealing with a frum ehrlich person that if you would meet him you would be embarrassed to think that he was irresponsible or tried to push it over and not tell anyone. As Klal Yisroel we have a chiyuv to be Dan Lkaf Zchus! Of course we should make sure that our credit cards are in order and not floating around. But to for a second to be Moitze Shem Rah Brabim about someone, thats not worth all the money in the world.

  10. To those who like to believe rumors, I got this email from Cellular Israel today. They were hacked a long time ago, as this article points out. I received this email from them today.

    Dear Customer,

    You may have recently heard about a security issue involving ​Cellular Israel. We would like to make sure you have the facts about what happened, what information was involved, and how we are working to keep your information safe. Please note that despite the fact that reports have recently recirculated, they refer to an issue that was addressed over a year ago, and that none of our current customer information is at risk.

    What Happened?

    Unfortunately, in October 2015 we became the victim of cyber terrorism when a hacker from Vietnam entered our databases and stole the credit card information of many of our customers. We immediately strengthened and updated our site’s security features and also notified our many customers so that they could cancel their cards and alert their banks to be on the lookout for fraudulent usage.

    We recently learned that some of this information was made available online. We have already reached out to the site’s web host as well as the domain registrar with a request that the information be removed, but unfortunately it seems that the process will take time. It is important to note that the posted information is outdated and unusable, and that all of the credit cards have long been cancelled.

    What Prevention Steps Did Cellular Israel take?

    Back in 2015, Cellular Israel immediately invested thousands of dollars in updating our site’s security, making our site virtually impenetrable to foreign access. We also hired additional staff to ensure that we succeeded in contacting each one of our customers to alert them to the breach so that they could cancel their cards and make sure that their information was safe.

    What Information Was Involved?

    The hacker stole the personal information, billing addresses, and credit card numbers associated with some Cellular Israel accounts that placed orders from August 1 –Dec 31, 2015. Orders from 2016 and 2017 were not affected by the breach, nor was any financial information that was updated in 2016 affected. You can re-confirm that all of your information is secure by contacting your bank or credit card company. If you have any concerns, please reach out to us, and we will be available to review your account details with you.

    For More Information

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Trust & Safety team at [email protected].

    Looking forward to continuing provide you with the great service you expect from Cellular Israel,
    Yisroel Meir Biegeleisen, CEO

  11. They are certainly NOT reliable. My name and number are on the list and I was never contacted by them. I will never purchase from them again.

  12. The main point people need to realize is that it’s no one’s fault if a company gets hacked. It does not mean the company did anything negligent. Even big companies like Target get hacked. The main thing is to fix it once there is a problem, not play the blame game.


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