Chabad’s Telethon Raises $6.5 Million


chabad-telethonThe 30th Chabad Telethon, broadcast from Hollywood, California, and hosted by talk-show personality Larry King, was held last night. The annual event raised $6,480,597.

The event featured many non-Jewish and non-frum celebrities. Also featured was singer Avraham Fried, among others.

The Telethon was created in 1980 by California’s Rabbi Shlomo Cunin in response to a fire that destroyed Chabad’s West Coast headquarters in Westwood Village and claimed the lives of three young men. The telethon now supports a network of about 200 Chabad houses and various Lubavitch social services.

Last year’s broadcast generated more than $7 million.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. You do realize Rubashkin is one person and Chabad has expenses running into the 100’s of millions. They are doing all they can for him. Have some Hakaros Hatov.

  2. Comment to #5. You do realize that Chabad has totally removed themselves from anything having to do with Rubashkin. They have done and are doing nothing for him. Have a reality check.

  3. Chabad is doing their best to help everyone even the Rubashkin which my local Chabad Rabbi Supports. Chabad helps many jews all over the world in ways that other Orthodox communities can’t or don’t want to . They have made many people Chozer Betshuvah in a postive way and they make a good name for Jews in the World. They are doing a Big Kiddush Has–m

  4. Chabad really does turn around and help a lot of people who normally would have been left on the wayside. My understanding is, this is to counter all the evil in the world. I was in Morroco and met a chabad emissary in what could be a very shaky environment. Maybe it is a false security, but seeing their presence helped me feel a lot better ESP in this age of extremism


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