Chabad Shluchim Group Photo 5774

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chabad-picture-5774[Photos below.] Lubavitcher emissaries¬†from around the world gathered today on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, NY, for their annual group photo ahead of tonight’s Kinnus Hashluchim event.

Photos are courtesy of photographer Baruch Ezagui and COLlive:

{ Newscenter}


  1. Each one of these men deserve a standing ovation for what they do to be marbitz torah and for their selfless devotion to bring more jews to recognize hashem. Each on these men gave up living amoung his family and living with the comforts of living within a jewish community. What they do we can only wish to do.. THANK YOU TO ALL THE SLUCHIM FROM AROUND THE WORLD

  2. I am shocked at your sinas chinom, and anti yidishkeit in your veins…These shluchim have done more for yiddishkeit you would ever do davening 3 times a day and learning daf hayoni. Its ignorance and people like you why chabad wants nothing to do with mainstream yiddishkeit…..


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