Chacham Ovadiah Yosef Visits Benizri

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rav-yosef-benizriChacham Ovadia Yosef and Shas Chairman Eli Yishai todaY visited former Shas Minister Shlomo Benizri, who is serving a four-year sentence at the Maasiyahu Prison. Accompanying Rav Yosef and Yishai in their visit to the Ramla prison were members of the Moetzet Chachmei Hatorah, Rav Rafael Pinchasi and Rav Shimon Badani.

The entourage entered the prison’s walls in their armored vehicle and met with Benizri in one of the prison’s administration’s offices, where they were served biscuits and soft drinks.Rav Badani said upon his entrance to the prison, “We are here to identify with him, with the great work he has done in Torah studies.”

The rov criticized the Supreme Court’s decision to aggravate Benizri’s sentence, saying, “How dare they raise the penalty when they know the ones they are hurting are Torah students.”

He said, “Benizri was also hurt a little, but tens of thousand will be losing their Torah lessons. I am certain that without Rabbi Benizri’s Torah lessons, part of those students would be murderers or drunkards who drink and then murder – the kind we hear about every day.”

Before the rabbonim left the prison, Rav Yosef spoke to the rest of the prisoners in the wing.

Rav Yosef also got the chance to talks with Benizri in private before leaving the site.

Benizri was visited by his family recently, with his wife and six of his children meeting him for the first time since he entered prison.

“It breaks my heart to see my father like that. Seeing him like that, a man who always made sure to look dignified, the way he really is, coming out with prison clothes… It was unbearable,” his son Netanel said.

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


  1. I see your comments once in a while and i notice your very negative about R’ Ovadia Yosef. Rosh Hashanah is soon – Seriously!
    Enough is Enough!

  2. to number 2 and 3 please note that giving land to arabs even in exchange for money is also asur doesnt make a difference how much torah u learnt

  3. And you support a country whose president is telling Israel to freeze settlements and that yerushalayim should be capital of the palestanians!!!
    Does that mean you should sit in jail four years too?

  4. no i dont support peres either he should also rot but if someone is using torah for political gain now thats disgusting
    where in the torah does it allow giving away land so youre yeshivos can get more money


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