Chai for Lyme

“HELP!!! My daughters face is paralyzed!!! My son is complaining of neck and joint pain!!! Can you help me????”

These are just some of the calls Chai for Lyme gets on a daily basis.

Did you know someone who has or had suffered Lyme disease? Do you know many people are suffering from Lyme Disease and will not realize for a long time till they get the right help? The CDC estimates at least 330,000 people or more will be diagnosed this year.

Chai for Lyme is a division of Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce Health and Medical Alliance. The network is here to help people who were bitten from a tick or might be suffering from a tick borne infection.

Help support us reach our $6000 goal today!!

Studies have shown that if Lyme Disease is not treated right away, it can lead to long term negative effect such as affecting a person’s central nervous system, heart and other organs.

Chai for Lyme receives many different types of calls relating to Lyme disease and tick bites. We are having a hard time keeping up with phone calls we receive.

Chai for Lyme is under the guidance of our chairman, Dr. Robert Mozayeni. Dr. Mozayeni is one of the top Lyme doctors in the USA.

Chai for Lyme is educating the public about prevention of Lyme disease through our website, teleconferences, ads, and social media.


After getting her diagnosis and with the complicated nature of Lyme disease, my wife had no guidance about who to turn to and which doctors to see; Chai For Lyme was there as a beacon to help and guide us along the way. I have seen firsthand the hard work and dedication they put into helping each person with their unique situation who reaches out them. I am truly thankful for their wonderful help and support.


​”I am so thankful for the family I found in your support groups. The journey is so lonely and isolating because our family, friends and physicians are so not knowledgeable lyme and bartonella. The group has been a lifeline for me. I also want to thank you for doing so much for awareness. This will hopefully help others understand what we are going through and prevent others from the long journey of suffering with no diagnosis for 3 years that we and others have experienced, running from doctor to doctor with no answers. Awareness also helps others prevent the disease and treat the early signs. May your work be with much hatzlacha.

Chana, Boro Park

My daughter camp home from sleepaway camp, I noticed she got Bells Palsy. After hearing it might be Lyme related, I called up Chai for Lyme and they guided me through A to Z. I was so lost without them. The Lyme test came back positive and now my daughter is recovering. I couldn’t thank them enough as I never realized how Lyme disease can be so complicated. S.L Brooklyn

After being diagnosed with Lyme disease, I received antibiotics for only 2 weeks. People were telling me I need more than that. I called Chai for Lyme and they explained to me why I needed longer. They even faxed me research papers to bring to my doctor to show him. Bh I was now able to get the correct dose I needed.

Nechama, Monsey



  1. Another ILADS doctor looking to scam people out of thousands of dollars by convincing them that they need long term antibiotics….

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