Chaim Deutsch Hosts Private, Gender-Separated Beach Events

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For the second year in a row, Councilman Chaim Deutsch hosted separate beach events for males and females.

For many men and women, particularly those who observe modesty laws, going to the beach is simply not an option. For New Yorkers, this has changed thanks to Councilman Chaim Deutsch, who developed an idea to rent out a private beach in Southern Brooklyn and open it up to males on one day, and females on another.

With the help of donors, Deutsch rented out the private beach, located within Kingsborough Community College, for two Fridays, one in June, and one in July. Both events had more than 500 attendees, including large representation from the Jewish and Muslim communities.

One participant at the female beach day said, “It was really amazing to see Jewish and Muslim women sitting side by side on the beach, with their children playing in the sand together. We never had this opportunity to bring our kids to the beach. We live just 20 minutes from Coney Island beach, but it’s a world away for us. We are eternally thankful to Councilman Deutsch for offering us the chance to enjoy Brooklyn’s waterfront!”

Both events were staffed by lifeguards, security, and staff of the appropriate gender, so participants were comfortable to relax and enjoy a calm day at the beach.

A grateful father of six said, “My sons have never experienced a day at the beach before, and I never believed that they would. We can’t afford to go away for the summer, and it’s hard for the kids to be cooped up in the city all summer long. Today was like a vacation for us – it was hard to believe we were still in Brooklyn! Thank you Councilman Deutsch!”

Councilman Chaim Deutsch said, “In our melting pot of a City, it is so crucial that we celebrate our diversity in a positive way. These beach days are a chance for so many New Yorkers to take advantage of New York City’s beauty without compromising their religious standards. I’m grateful to Kingsborough Community College President Claudia V. Schrader and Vice President Ed Rios for accommodating diversity and opening their doors to the community.”



    • I received an email from the FJCC regarding these separate swimming days. I think it was advertised in the Jewish Vues as well. They had to keep a somewhat low profile because last time Liberal organizations gave them a hard legal time.
      I went there with my son. It was very pleasant and enjoyable.


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