A Chesed Legend: Chaim “Lobo” Silber z”l

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It is with great sadness that Matzav.com reports the passing of Chaim “Lobo” Silber z”l, a one of a kind baal chesed and baal tzedakah who was legendary for his assistance to others.

A Yeshiva Torah Vodaas alumnus, Chaim was a resident of Flatbush, Brooklyn, where he loved by one and all. His life was completely devoted to the betterment of others. Chaim used his personal success in business to make other people’s lives better, dispensing tremendous amounts of tzedakah, much of it quietly, without the knowledge of anyone but the recipient.

So much of Chaim’s chesed was performed without fanfare, and even anonymously. Chaim wouldn’t wait for people to approach him for help. Whenever he heard of someone in need, he would go about helping them.

“There were people he heard were making a wedding and didn’t have the money to pay for it, so he would put an envelope with cash into their mail slot,” said a good friend, Shloime Dachs.

Even his family was not fully aware of the extent of his chesed and the many people he helped.

A computer leaser by trade, tzedakah wasn’t just something Chaim did. It became who he was. And it wasn’t just on Purim – a day on which Chaim famously gave out astonishing large sums of money to tzedakah – that he gave of his largesse to help Klal Yisroel. It was every day, all day, whenever he could be of help.

Fun-loving, with a palpable joy of life, Chaim was known for bringing smiles to his friends at the OBBL (Orthodox Bungalow Baseball League) and other creative undertakings, but beneath it all was a serious man who was serious about making the world a better place.

A part-owner of the Greentree Acres bungalow colony in Ferndale, NY, Chaim cared about the klal and cared about the yochid. He was magnanimous, sensitive, and kindhearted in ways that were inspiring.

Chaim, who was a member of the Sasregener kehillah and lived on East 23rd Street, was larger than life, a unique man who brought selflessness to another level, making a kiddush Hashem in so many ways.

Chaim’s passing has plunged his community and numerous friends and admirers into mourning.

Levayah details will be posted shortly.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. What a tremendous role model. As a teenager me and friends always held him in the highest esteem. We always would dream to emulate his ways. He cared so much about us. He sponsored so many sports teams in Jewish leagues for kids to have a good time. He constantly gave out free tickets to kids in shul for sports games. He was someone that always kept us in perspective of the life we would like to live and how to live life to the fullest. He showed us true class and the beauty and simcha of living a loving and fulfilled life with helping and caring about others! Such a humbleness, smile and friendly nature.such a Malach! May his neshama have an Aliyah. You will always be remembered for making the tremendous impact that you did.

  2. oy yoy reb chaim!!!! reb levi yitzchok will greet you . ahavas yisroel overflowed his midas hahatava was far greater than his baseball team . his cap was the levush that disguised a giant oy yoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We were in the same shiur in torah Vodaath during my last year there. I have not seen hi since, but he always had a smile For everyone. BDE

  4. Such a special person. Lived to make others happy and would stop at nothing to put a smile on someone’s face. Whenever you spoke to him he made you feel like a million bucks. G-d didn’t make too many like Lobo.

    I will miss you Lobo. We all will. Yehu zichro Baruch

  5. Chaim introduced himself to me when I was 21 years old learning in Israel for the year. He invited me for a meal over Succos and wanted to be friends. I didn’t know anything about him or even who he was. I’m from St. Louis, Mo. and I had never heard of the man they called LOBO. This was during the year of the Gulf war in 90-91.When I moved to NY and found out that Chaim was a wealthy man several years later, I wondered why this man who was so successful wanted to invite me, a stranger from another city, to his Succos meal and wanted to stay friends. We stayed close since then,shared in each other’s Simcha’s and worked on Tzedaka initiatives for many years. Lobo was one of the 36 Tzadikim of our generation.We were fortunate that his Tzidikis wasn’t hidden. This is a person that actually changed the world though his Chessed and he will always be remembered as one of the great Balai Chessed of our generation. It was truly an honor to have known such a beautiful Neshama. I will miss you but will never forget your love for everyone unconditionally. Jason(Yakov)Lyons

  6. I never knew him personally or had the privilege to meet him. I do know that amongst his stellar qualities was his loyalty and hakaoros hatov. When he relocated to Lawrence a number of years ago, he still regularly came to all the Sasregen melava malkas and shul weddings and functions. Yehi Zichron Baruch

  7. Incredible & indescribable person.

    Chaim attended all my weddings, danced up a storm, hugged & kissed e/o & then was out the door to the next simcha.

  8. I worked for Harry for 25 years. He and I talked for hours of our love for G-d. Except he was Jewish and I a Christian. This made no difference to either of us. We respected each others beliefs as they both have their roots in the Old Testament. He would leave me voice mails every holiday leaving words of encouragement and love. They were so moving I kept the recordings to this day. My kids were 6 and 4 when I began working for Harry. My 3rd child was born 2 weeks after I started in Sept 1990. They know of him through these voice mails, through his kindness in supporting them through fundraisers and a wedding. He made sure he attended wakes and funerals of all he knew and he did so when my mom passed 5 years ago. Typical of Harry, he held court entertaining, encouraging my kids and I as we mourned. He always had the wight words at the right time. There is a huge hole in all our hearts. But we should take comfort in the faith Harry always spoke of. He had no doubt at anytime that G-d was in charge and He had our best interest in mind. We just returned from shiva. I hope that is the correct wording. I knelt at Eva’s chair and cried on her shoulder as she comforted me. She said Harry would not want us to be sad. So let’s rejoice in his life and emulate his kindness and generosity to others. That is the way to keep him alive in our lives.


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