Chairman of the Republican Israel Branch: Trump Won’t Force Mideast Peace Plan On Israel’

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Recent comments by President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and advisor, Jared Kushner, this week regarding the upcoming American Middle East peace plan quickly became a hot political topic in Israel, with many on the Israeli right expressed concern over Kushner’s statement that the plan would include provisions “delineating the border.”

The chairman of the Republican party’s Israel branch cautioned against a rush to pre-judge the plan, adding that President Trump would not force Israel into any agreement with the Palestinian Authority.

“I would advise people on the right, and that includes myself, not to panic,” said Attorney Marc Zell, a senior member of the Republicans Overseas organization and chief of its Israeli branch. “The rule by Trump is…Trump and his administration will not force Israel to do something that [Israel] views as being against its security interests. If Israel says, ‘No’, Washington won’t force Jerusalem [to accept it], and that is a very important thing.”

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  1. Arab and Leftist lies. President Trump never planned on forcing peace. The White House clearly stated: The Trump peace plan remains a closely guarded secret.


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