Channel 10 Anchor: Chareidim Are Not Human

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yaakov-alonFollowing a discussion on chareidi opposition to the building of the Barzilai emergency room on ancient kevorimĀ in Ashkelon, Channel 10 news anchor Yaakov Alon introduced his next story by saying, “And from chareidim we will now move on to human beings” (meichareidim naavor leanashim).

MK Michael Ben-Ari slammed Alon for the racist remarks, saying that the comments revealed moral bankruptcy and that Channel 10 broadcasts promote hatred in Israeli society. Channel 10 said in response that the anchor meant to say “and from graves we will now move on to human beings” (mikevarim naavor le leanashim), but the station has yet to apologize.

{Yair Israel/INN}


  1. There is a very simple solution to this hospital issue. If the Charedi community truly believes in this psak they should offer to pay the extra $180 Million (maybe have it deducted from the yeshiva subsidies) to build the alternate ER. Otherwise, it seems like once again they wish for someone else to pay for their decisions and this breeds resentment.

  2. Mr. Solution your point is well taken but your issue is not with the Charedim but with G-d who made the rules. Turn to him with heartfelt prayer and he will cover the cost. Perhaps he wil send it through the government or some other agent…

  3. NOT HUMAN?! You want to what ‘human’ is? decentcy and respect! But this is a single ER, which won’t even serve so many people and it is not like there are NO EMERGENCY ROOMS AT ALL IN THE AREA, AND THAT THERE IS NOOOO EMT’s,or ambulances, etc. This ER is not like something people would DIE without. AND THUS WE CAN’T JUST DISRESPSECT THE GRAVES OF THE DESCEASED LIKE THIS!!! IF YOU WOULD JUST SEE THAT THERE ARE NEESSIM GOING ON DOWN THERE YOU WOULD KNOW that B”H,our bretheren in S’derot, Ashkelon, etc., are not that often(or barely at all even) harmed by those Kassams. (I mean,you know,a little common sense goes a long way). To the Left who might have very disturbed by R’ Eliashiv’s Psak…where were THEY(especially the Left) when the Gush Katif victims were evicted from there homes and had no place to go? THEY ARE THE ONES WHO WANT TO ALSO GIVE OVER THE ‘WEST(actually, its the EAST) BANK’. Who gave a hoot about it to raise funds for them, eh? Who cared for those people then? Oh,oh, but now its the Charedim to blame for Israel’s problems
    Don’t start jumping up and down about the extra cost to the goverment. IF THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT HAS A ‘MONEY PROBLEM’ BECAUSE OF THE COST, then just lower taxes(like Bibi is trying to do)-the economy will prosper, and peoples lives will be easier, and 180M NIS wont make such a ruckus, so that So and So in the Knesset wont complain about a budget shortage.(I mean,you know,a little common sense goes a long way).

  4. He’s Right.
    They Are more Like Malachim whose sole interest is to fulfill the Commandments of their Creator.

  5. Chaimz,
    your response would be correct if this was the approach of the chareidim from the begining. There was a machlokes haposkim and in the end they all capitulated and said the bones couldn’t be moved. Why should the rest of the country have to pay an extra 180M because of your chumrah? You want to be machmir, you pay for it.

  6. THE LEFTISTS LIKE CHANNEL 10 ARENT HUMAN! They dont even respect the Jewish people’s right to the WEST(actually EAST)BANK! THEY DONT CARE TO REMOVE KEVARIM FOR AN ER WHICH IS NOT even totally nessecary. Almost no one actually gets hit by Kassams and its not like there are no EMTs, ambulances,etc. The radical Israeli Left just wants to undermine Chareidim, and ANYTHING frum at all (because they have zero respcet for the TORAH which has sustained us for the millenia).

  7. #5:

    No, I’m saying something along the lines of #7.

    According to the Rambam, Jews are of a higher level of creation than “human”.

  8. I agree with #6&9
    The bottom line is; they had millions of shekels to remove Jews from their own homes, let them shell out money now too.
    Isn’t it interesting how every gov. in the world has to respect the kevarim of Jews, except for Israel?

    The Israeli gov. is the one endagering Israel with their caving in to international pressure (most of the time). They expelled the Jews from Gaza and are responsible for the creation of another terrorist state Gaza has become.

    Let them have respect for these anceint bones and the chereidim as well. That’s their big problem- they seek to curry favor in the eyes of the world, all the nations who hate them, and their own brothers they spit in the face.


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