Chanukah Premier Of ‘Berel And The Bus Driver’ At A Location Near You


rebbee-hillChanukah is family time, and what better way to provide kosher, educational and meaningful entertainment this Chanukah than by going to see Berel and the Bus Driver. Torah Umesorah, in its

commitment to enhancing the chinuch of children both in and out of the classroom, has partnered with the renowned Rebbee Hill in producing a professional, exciting and meaningful film which not only entertains, but instills middos tovos. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the impact the thousands of audio-visual pictures in a film can have on the minds and imaginations of impressionable children! Berel and the Bus Driver will leave its positive impact – it’s a film and an experience you and your family will not want to miss this Chanukah!

Produced by Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Hill (Rebbee Hill), Berel and the Bus Driver is based on age-old Torah ideals utilizing modern, professional film technology. Rebbee Hill’s host of previous films have mesmerized both children and adults – and Berel and the Bus Driver is perhaps his most outstanding production ever. It’s Rebbe Hill at his best.

Thanks to Torah Umesorah, the distribution scheme for the film represents a refreshingly new approach. Instead of being shipped directly to stores for purchase, the film will be released over Chanukah to hundreds of schools and communities nationally.

Rabbi Zvi Bloom, Executive Director of Torah Umesorah, notes, “What we’re doing is giving every Torah Umesorah school across the country the opportunity to provide enthralling entertainment to their students and communities by selling very reasonably-priced tickets to their viewers… and then giving a percentage of ticket sales back to the schools themselves.” It’s a win-win situation where everyone benefits both financially and spiritually: parents won’t have to spend excessively for their children’s activities, while schools will have a potent tool for further discussion and learning.”

For a listing of location premiering Berel and the Bus Driver, please visit It’s sure to enrich and enlighten your Chanukah immeasurably.

{Yossi Newscenter}


  1. Went to see the film last night in lakewood. Hundreds of kids and adults came out for the first showing. Was fantastic, professional and the ideals that the kids learned from the film were amazing. As one father told me, the women have plays and films all year round so it is finally time that boys and men can get out to see something like this on such a high and professional level. I hope that the great rebbe hill continues to put out more quality films.


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