Charedi Party Chiefs: Jewish State In Danger If Wicked Bennett Succeeds Netanyahu

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In a joint press conference Tuesday afternoon, the heads of the charedi political parties Shas and United Torah Judaism launched a stunning assault on the leader of the Yamina party and prime minister-designate, Naftali Bennett.

With the so-called change government set to be sworn in on Sunday and the ultra-Orthodox headed for the opposition, charedi leaders branded Bennett as “wicked” and claimed his new government’s policies would endanger the Jewish state.

Bennett, who is set to become Israel’s first religious prime minister, dismissed the attack as embarrassing and unhinged, a “hysterical outburst,” and vowed he would safeguard religious life in the country.

The coalition agreements signed by the parties have yet to be formally made public but will reportedly include advancing an IDF draft bill for some yeshiva students.

Other issues, including reforms on conversion to Judaism, civil unions, public transportation and the opening of supermarkets on Shabbat, appeared in some early drafts but were removed from the final document, Channel 12 said.

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    • They won’t be worse than Bibi. Bibi and his Chareidi Parties had their chance to make Israel a Jewish state and they lost. Where were the Chareidi Parties when all the chillul Shabbos, chillul filth parade and other chillul Hashem occurred on Bibi’s watch? Bennett and Lapid might even be good for chareidim AND for Hashem.

    • Lapid and Lieberman Y”ms literally have, and will continue to use every fiber of their being to destroy yiddeshkeit. Busses will be running on shabbos, no accountability for marriages and divorces, no kashrus and worst of all send yeshiva bochurim to the army. Get it now

    • Don’t you understand? This time around the chareidim didn’t get any positions in the government – no chareidi ministers. That’s the only thing they’re concerned about.

    • The coalition agreements set out that Avigdor Lieberman’s political party will be in charge of the crucial funding sources for the chareidi community. He is widely expected to shock the financial system of Israel’s religious schools and kollelim. That alone will be traumatizing considering these folks already live on shoestring budgets. Lieberman was also promised that his draft bill from several years back will be put into law…now chareidim will have less Torah schooling options and be forced into the military. More than this, Lieberman has promised to withhold school funds if his curriculum is not taught…so children will be forced to learn his zionist, goyish dribble. The reality will look even worse as these laws will likely be used as weapons to hurt honest Torah people even if they comply with the new standards. Not to mention gay marriage will be allowed. These changes will drive food insecurity and poverty for the Torah world. As for the comment above, I have absolutely no understanding how “Let’s not kid ourselves” can equate the previous administration to this upcoming one.

  1. The concept that what is “bad” for frum Jews can be “good” for other Jews shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what our committment to Torah and Mitzvos means. Permitting / Sanctioning Jewishly owned stors to be open on Shabbos is not “good” for any Jew. NO Jew is permitted to work on Shabbos. EVERY Jew is effected by performing forbidden acts. EVERY Jew will gain from stricter kashrus supervission. EVERY Jewish girl will be effected by being drafted. EVERY Jew will be effected of even ONE Yeshivah bochur will have to leave Yeshiva and close his Gemora. There is no such thing as a secular Jew! We are ALL Yidden and we must ALL keep the Torah and we are ALL responsible for EACHOTHER! We cannot watch our brothers be thrown under the bus.

    • 8:46, you make an excellent point, but don’t forget the other side of the same coin: a physical wellbeing of every Jew is also a Torah issue. You cannot support the enemy-appeasement that undoubtedly results in Jewish lives lost so that you can get some government money for your projects and still claim to be a frum party. No, you can’t build institutions with the Sharon’s gaza blood-money. If only some so-called religious kneset members walked out of the Sharon’s “disengagement” government 16 years ago, there would be no rockets raining on us now. Emes is not subject to political games. It’s either we fight for the entire Torah, including veohavto lereacho komocho which demands physical wellbeing of every Jew, or no one will take us seriously.

  2. It is beyond pathetic that this is the “red line” for some people’s invented definition of Jewish and “Jewish State”.

    The State of Israel is a Zionist State. It never was and never will be “Jewish”. The shmad and physical destruction by that State against Jews since decades before its founding and ever since, is unfathomable.

    Yet, with all that, the idol lived on, and some people called it a “Jewish” State.

    What’s happening here is simply that the idol is exposing itself for the idol that it is. That’s the cause of all this noise. The Zionist state is the same idol that it was before, not any less Jewish than before.


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