Chareidi Bnei Brak Jeweler Finds $200,000 in Diamonds and Returns Them

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diamondsA young jeweler from Bnei Brak this past week found a bag of diamonds worth $200,000 and returned them to their owner.

A bag with the diamonds was found at the diamond exchange in Ramat Gan last Thursday. A veteran jeweler had lost the bag near the diamond exchange.

“It was not our diamonds and we were not insured,” the son of the veteran diamond merchant said.

The young resident of Bnei Brak who found the bag said that the “transparent bag was on the floor,” and he immediately picked it up and saw that it contained diamonds. He brought it right to the legal department at the exchange and, together with members of the exchange, he examined the diamonds and assessed their value.

“It’s the education I received growing up,” he said, explaining on his decision to return the valuables immediately. “I didn’t think for a moment to keep it. I was brought up that we do not take anything that does not belong to us.”

When the veteran diamond dealer approached the exchange and related that he had lost a bag of diamonds, he was informed – to his shock – that the bag had indeed been found and returned.

“I never thought I’d get the diamonds back,” he said. “The person who returned it is a righteous man. I did not believe there were such people. I am pleasantly surprised.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. A few weeks ago we left a purse with a lot of $$ in a cab in Yerushalim. The cab was a street hail, a short ride, and though we phoned every cab comp we had no way to find out which cab. and no results The id was to our USA address .no way to trace us in EY.
    Next morning a niece , whose phone number was scribbled on a piece paper called us.
    The cab driver was TRYING to trace us .
    Every penny was returned !!!
    The cab driver is a Yid not appearring frum but MI KEAMCHO YISROEL

  2. many, many years ago, my cousin lost a package of diamonds in Williamsburg. that Shabbos, inonly one shul, the rav told the mispallelim about that loss. as far as I understood at the time, the loss was not mentioned in other shul. a man stood up and said I know who found them, and the diamonds were returned to my cousin. so, don’t be so cynical#1;

  3. First the guy on the subway, then the $98,000 in Connecticut and now diamonds in Bnei Brak.

    Mi k’amcha Yisrael.

    Please, fellow frum Yidden, can we keep this going?

  4. What’s the big deal? Most Jews are strong in their yirat Shamayim baruch Hashem and would not have a problem resturning it and fulfilling the mitzvah of hashavat aveidah, returning lost objects.

  5. Mi k’amcha yisroel! If only the chilonim would look at us unbiasedly, hey would see we’re the best, most values-oriented, people I the world.

  6. Eli – you are either sickeningly jealous of the outstandingly righteous people among us – or you are simply a proud member of the ‘Kat Leitzonim’. Either way you would do better to keep your snide remarks to your miserable self.

  7. No. 6 — Of course, we all hope you are right. But certainly this would have been a big temptation. Returning $200k worth of diamonds is not the same as returning a lost rain coat. That’s the whole point of yiras shomayim — if it’s easy, you don’t need it.

  8. It depends who the founder was if he is a chiloni then the propaganda of the media will be that everyone should lern from him and become like him but if he is a chariedi the no propaganda will be made of it so no one will become like him.


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