Frum Grandchild Born to Prime Minister Netanyahu

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netanyahuThis morning, Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s daughter Noa gave birth to a son. The baby’s 26-year-old mother is a daughter of the prime minister from his first marriage. She has become more religious in recent years and now leads a Torah lifestyle. 

It is not yet known who will serve as mohel and sandek at the bris, to be held next week on Chol Hamoed, but the event is expected to receive significant press coverage.

Today, the Prime Minister and his wife Sarah are expected to visit the hospital to congratulate the new mother and her husband, Daniel Roth.

 {Yair Israel}



  2. From Wiki
    Netanyahu has authored several books, including two on fighting terrorism. He has a daughter, Noa, from his first marriage to Micki Weizman. His second marriage was to Fleur Cates, who converted to Judaism because only her father was Jewish. He is now married to his third wife, Sara, with whom he has two sons: Yair and Avner.[13]

  3. “Frum grandchild”? The child is a newborn, he’s already frum? What makes him frum? Doesn’t use shabbes elevators? Doesn’t eat in pizza shops? Wears only white on white?

  4. Zalman: I think that the fact that his parents were likely shomer taharas hamishpacha puts him ahead of the game, frumkeit-wise.
    But of course I’m sure that you understood what was meant. A child was born in a frum home. Which means that he has a chazaka that he will be frum as well. We hope to see all the children of non-frum families become frum as well,but it would be difficult to assume that would happen right at birth.

  5. Along a similar theme to my previous comment, I was once at a shul on a Friday night where there were 2 guests. One was a clean shaven man with a tan suit, and a brown hat with the brim down all the way around. The other was a chassidishe fellow with a bekeshe and shtreimel.

    During Lecha Dodi, the tan suit was davening mincha with obvious sincerity, while the shtreimel was sitting and leafing through the parsha.

    A man next to me pointed to the two and asked his son, “Which of those 2 is frummer?” The political point he was obviously trying to bring out was the sincerity of the brown hat fellow, vs the casualness of the chosid.

    I’m sorry that I didn’t have the self disciple to hold back my retort. I cut in with “Why it’s obvious which is frummer. The one who’s not wearing a watch on Shabbos!”

    I don’t chas veshalom mean to undermine the frumkeit that was in that tefila of the sincere, brown-hatted man. But I believe that it is important to note that the emes-dige definition of a frum person is one who keeps the halachos of Shulchan Aruch. (Don’t mean to get into a debate about men wearing watches on Shabbos. That is not my specific point. I’m not going after the watch wearer here, but the one who slammed the shtreimel.)

    I don’t know what Zalman’s definition of frum is, but from a long history of his comments here, it is apparent that his definition is not necessarily based on doing what we as bnei Torah do as part of our lifestyle, as dictated by Shulchan Aruch and Daas Torah. Bottom line is, a child raised in a frum home to keep mitzvos absolutely has the right to be called a frum child.

    Do some of our children go off? Yes, of course. Do some children from non frum homes end up frummer than some of ours? Unquestionably! I do not have my head in the sand. But if his parents will wash him negel vasser in the morning, and teach him to say Torah Tziva Lanu Moshe when he learns to speak, you bet that gives him a head start, and yes, it does make him frum.

  6. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s grandfather is a Orthodox Rabbi and a street in Jerusalem is named after his grandfather Natan Milkwosky(they changed name to Netanyahu later in Israel) Benjamin’s father Ben Zion is a Professor of Jewish studies and has written many books on Sephardic Jews. I read his book on Don Isaac Abravanel and it was execellent. Prime Minister Netanyahu is very traditional and on Israeli news this year he said he has a Tanach(bible study group) every shabbat and that he is tutored by a private rabbi at his home during this shabbat program. He said his shabbat studies are something new he has added to his life. I am very proud of him and his father Professor Ben Zion is a remarkable man.


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