Chareidi MKs Slam Bill That Would Prohibit Shtreimels

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streimel-chassidimThe shtreimel might become a difficult item to obtain if animal rights activists have their way in Eretz Yisroel. Chareidi members of Knesset have aggressively criticized a bill proposed by MK Ronit Tirosh of Kadima – and backed by animal rights groups – that would prohibit the import of animal furs from the Far East, including China.

The animal rights activists are concerned that countries in the Far East are unnecessarily cruel to the animals.

However, MK Rabbi Menachem Eliezer Mozes, of United Torah Judaism, opposed the bill, which came up for discussion in the Knesset Education Committee. Reb Menachem Eliezer argued that the proposed legislation would hurt chareidim who have the minhag to wear shtreimlach on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

“We will never change our traditional dress as a result of this law,” said Reb Menachem Eliezer. “There is no doubt that cruelty to animals is prohibited by the Torah. But throughout the generations, Jews wore shtreimels,” he said.

Shas MK Chaim Amsalem, in a statement that will undoubtedly be misunderstood and misquoted, said that “halacha permits causing pain to animals if there were a human need, as long as unnecessary pain is avoided.”

Due to Reb Menachem Eliezer and Amsalem’s opposition, as well the opposition of the Agriculture Ministry for economic reasons, the vote on the bill has been postponed.

 {Yair Israel}


  1. “But throughout the generations, Jews wore shtreimels,” he said.

    What? This is the kind of statement that turns non-observant Jews hostile toward observance. There is a HALACHA against animal cruelty, there is NO HALACHA to wear shtreimels. Wearing of shtreimels is a few hundred years old and made sense where Jews lived in freezing cold climates in Europe, the Jews of Morocco, for instance, did not wear shtreimels. The Rabbi above does not discuss the situation at all. He should instead investigate if there is actual unnecessary cruelty and then evaluate the situation. What if the animals are skinned alive? that is a direct issur min ha Torah. Does the need for shtreimels justify this?

  2. by some a tradition is more important than halakha. for anyone to wear a streimel of an animal killed with more pain than normal shechita, is tovail ve’sheretz beyado – actually berosho! al tikri rosho ella risho!

  3. China executes political prisoners in order to sell their organs. Rav Elyashiv paskened that it is forbidden to go there for organ transplants, you think they treat animals humanely?

  4. there’s no tzar baalei chaim when shechting see shito mikubetzes b’b 19 furthermore noda biyehuda rules in his responsa yoreh deya 10 when killing there’s no prohibition as is the law when using the skin for enjoyment /business its interesting to note that nazi germany was busy the issue ritual slaughter yet they had no problem killing millions of people

  5. #3- your are so “croocked”,there are no words to even say to a person like you.Just do yourself a favor dont blame the torah on your sickness

  6. It doesn’t ban shtreimels, it bans importation of shtreimels from certain countries where animal cruelty is routine. Don’t add fuel to the fire, report the truth.

  7. Are the animal rights people wearing leather shoes? Make no mistake this is all about being anti semitic-anti Charedi. Have these activisits gone against women wearing fur coats?

  8. #12
    of course they’ve gone against fur coats, they regularly assault women and spray paint on their coats. Does that make them more acceptable in your eyes?


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