Chareidi Parties Considering Ultimatum to Fire Katz Over Chillul Shabbos

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The chareidi parties in the Knesset will decide today whether to issue an ultimatum to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to either fire Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz within 48 hours for allowing repairs to tunnels servicing a high-speed rail line on Shabbos or the chareidi parties will leave the coalition, Kol Haolam reports.

Katz claims that he will keep his job and is not worried about being let go by Netanyahu.

“Sometimes you pay a price for your decisions, but that won’t occur here,” he said.

Katz has said that the repairs made to the rail line were in the category of “pikuach nefesh,” and that they were therefore permitted to be performed on Shabbos. The members of the UTJ and Shas parties don’t agree.

David Steger – Israel


  1. Big Picture Rabosai !!

    He’s defending himself because he believes it was Pikuach Nefesh. While he may be technically wrong, last I checked the’Chareidi’ parties are not a Sanhedrin.

    If the Chareidi parties were smart they would make the department of transportation acknowledge that if repairs or maintenance needs to be done that BY LAW it only be allowed ONLY in cases of Pikuach Nefesh.

  2. What happened this shabbos is taka unforgivable… such open chilul shabbos and all the israeli sites boasted with aerial views of the work.. such propoganda to show off their win on chilul shabbos…

  3. How can there be any “pikuach nefesh” involved-no one’s life is in danger!This is just ridiculous-it’s just plain old Shabbat desecration.


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