Chareidi Protestor Remains in Intensive Care

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yaakov-klein-smallYaakov Klein, 22, lies unconscious in intensive care at Yerushalayim’s Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center with a punctured liver after he was run over by two police trucks during what is being called the most violent street clash in Yerushalayim’s history. Yaakov on Sunday night tried to prevent police from removing the body of a 50-year-old homicide victim to take it for an autopsy. Without thinking of the potential risk, Yaakov positioned his slim frame in front of a reinforced police vehicle weighing several tons.

His goal was to block the vehicle’s exit from the scene of the stabbing murder on Rechov Tzefaniah to the L. Greenberg Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir.

“We believe that the unnecessary desecration of the dead causes irreparable damage to the soul,” said Yoel Barminka, the shamash of the Ohel Rachel Shul, which was transformed into a kind of field hospital for wounded charedim after Sunday night’s clash between charedim and police.

yaakov-klein“When it comes to desecration of the Shabbos or desecration of the dead we will do everything in our power to stop it, even if it places us in danger. It is something that we feel deep inside, deep in our hearts.”

Yaakov Klein is the latest and the most serious casualty of an ongoing altercations between the Eda Hachareidis and the police.

What began two months ago with the opening of the Karta parking lot on Shabbos was further complicated by the arrest of a charedi mother from Toldos Aharon accused of purposely starving her three-year-old son.

This past Shabbos, violence escalated to new levels.

Claims of purposeful police violence against the Shabbos demonstrators combined with the reports Sunday night that a Jew stabbed by a Palestinian was going to be autopsied sparked a spontaneous thronging of several hundred at the scene of the stabbing.

Police, resolved to remove the body, used tear gas, stun grenades and shot live ammunition in the air in an attempt to disperse the crowds.

Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush has refrained from blaming the Eida for the violence and instead has placed the blame on Yerushalayim Mayor Nir Barkat.

During in interview yesterday on the Yerushalayim radio station Kol B’Ramah, Porush said, “Today the charedi public understands the difference between a charedi mayor and a secular one. This whole situation was created as a result of the stupid decision to open the Karta parking lot.”

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  1. What happened is unfortunate, but is it right to call him a protestor, which implies maybe just someone standing on the side and holding a sign? Moshiach hasn’t come yet, so we still have to be careful when dealing with the malchus.

  2. He, unfortunately, got what he deserved. What did he think was going to happen when he stood in front of a vehicle. These protests are not doing any good to advance their cause, although I am not sure what it is at this point, it seems that every week they are coming up with another excuse to create a chillul hashem. Why is no one talking about the chillul shabbos these people are causing by making Jewish Police officers and soldiers drive on shabbos to keep order at these rallies, more chillul hashem is being caused by them than by the opening of the parking lot. #2 is correct, the eida is responsible for this guys injuries, he should just be thankful that they did not take him to Hadassah.

  3. The police have demonstrated unbelievable restraint so far. If they really wanted to they could have crushed the opposition two months ago. Instead, they played like sweetypies and smiled at the rioters, in order to show the world what “Chareidim” act like.

    This allowed the Eidah to rile up people, use inflamatory language and depictions against their fellow Jews. Instead of being wise and understanding the sport of PR, the Eidah fell right into their trap. The gloves are off, we must all brace ourselves for many more stories like this.

  4. to #5, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that he got what he deserved. Only Hashem knows that! He did put himself in harm’s way and we know the Satan is mekatreg b’sha’as hasakana, but he did it to stop them from doing an autopsy on another Yid. Maybe he cared about that Yid more than you do.
    Somehow when the Palestinians put themselves in harm’s way, the Israelis are extra careful not to harm them but the Chareidim get less sympathy because the Palestinians are about politics and pr.
    Yes, we should not protest violently but now that another Jew is in the hospital in a coma, I would be careful to say that he got what he deserved. There are nicer ways to say it. Right now he needs rachmei Shamayim- I wouldn’t want to give extra kitrug on him at this point.

  5. #5,

    If someone stood in front of my car and I ran him over causing serious harm, don’t you think I would/should be arrested? And rightfully so.

    EVen in Tianemen Square they did not run over a protestor. What does it say about the Israeli police if they are more cruel than the Communist Chinese regime?

    What I will say is that this person is different from you, he stands up for what he believes in while all you do is sit at a computer and criticize someone who is standing up for the kavod of another yid.

    The police are responsible for the injuries. They ran him over. You are also responsible for his injuries. The Israeli government sees that there are haters of the Eidah posting on frum sites and mistakenly believe frum opinion is on theuir side and therfore they are emboldened to do such nefarious deeds to frum protestors.
    It is not the Eidah to blame, it is the Israeli police and you and your ilk.

  6. Thank you Honestly Frum. A voice of some reason, However Hadassah would have treated him as best they could, because are genuinely frum, albeit without black coats and streimele.(I realize it was probably a joke)
    These violent thugs make a lot of people sick. They play into the hands of the
    anti-frum. If it is so hard for them to live their so torah-true lives here, go and try their tactics in any other country in the world.

  7. What nobody dares mention is these people rioting are the same ones that actually voted for this mayor!

    You had a chance to vote for a frum person over a non frum? This is what you get so you can’t have it both ways.

    In New York where frum people had a choice to vote for Simcha Felder over a person that can’t be written about here and what did people do at the voting booth- they voted for the other guy who does not represent torah values and this other politician is going to jail.

    We just are too stupid and it’s a sign moshiach is coming. No question about it!

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