Chareidi Radio in New State Radio Authority

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Shas representatives forced the government to include a chareidi station in a new state radio authority, Kan, set up by Prime Minister Netanyahu to replace the left-wing and inefficient Israel Broadcasting Authority which once had a stranglehold over Israeli broadcasting. The station’s longest running TV news program, Glance at the News, was just shuttered after running for forty-nine years. Shas representatives had threatened to vote against the plan unless it included a chareidi station.

Deri instructed MK Yoav Ben Tzur of Shas to do everything possible to stop plans to establish the new radio station’s offices at the entrance to Yerushalayim’s chareidi Har Nof neighborhood, as this would expose it to mass chillul Shabbos.

“There is no shortage of places in Yerushalayim for the corporation’s offices,” Deri said.

{ Israel News}


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