Chareidi Soldier Attacked in Meron

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A chareidi soldier who came to daven at the kever of Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron was prevented from entering by extremists. Yelled at and beaten, the lightly wounded victim needed to be extricated by police.

“It’s simply a disgrace,” Dudi, a yeshiva student, said. “The chareidi soldier came to daven. With no provocation, a small number of extremists approached him and began to yell, ‘Chardak, get out of here.’ I couldn’t believe my eyes. They began beating him. It’s simply an embarrassment that such people exist.”

David Steger – Israel


  1. How horrible. As if Tisha B’Av didn’t already exist because of sinas chinam’s consequences.

    Please don’t illustrate articles about atrocities like this with photos of innocent people – a photo of the kever is sufficient.

  2. Torah is being hijacked by lowlives, hateful & hurtful deranged individuals called BULLIES while the rest of Klal YISRAEL stands by to watch.

    Who’s worse? The BULLY or the ENABLER!!! Are we going to continue standing on the side & ignoring this growing trend of Anti-Torah behavior. I certainly WILL NOT!!!
    Let’s initiate an Adopt-A-Mensch program in Israel with financial rewards for those who stand for “Derech HASHEM” & oppose Bullies.


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