Chareidim, Go To Yerushalayim

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MK Moshe Gafni of UTJ and chareidi residents of Ma’aleh Adumim complained that public officials told chareidim to leave the West Bank town and move to Yerushalayim.

In a sharp letter to Mayor Benny Kasriel, Gafni wrote:

“I was approached by people connected with the Talmud Torah and chareidi school of Ma’aleh Adumim which have 120 pupils and are in a bad physical situation [due to lack of accommodations]. Their requests to the Municipal Education Director Mr. David Sharret were responded to with the reply that they should leave Ma’aleh Adumim and that this was in accordance with orders from above not to let the chareidim become established there so that they move to their neighborhoods in Yerushalayim.”

Gafni also complained that nothing had been done to improve the disgraceful condition of a building used by a local Torani school.

Chareidi Judaism is a part of the Ma’aleh Adumim population,” Gafni concluded. “If you do not want us and want us to leave, please say so in an orderly manner and do not behave like hypocrites.”

Parents complained to Gafni that Sharret initially claimed that there was no available building for chareidi use. When they pointed out that there were a number of unused buildings available he replied: “There is no place for you here; go to your neighborhoods in Yerushalayim,” and later admitted, “I have instructions from above not to give you anything.”

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  1. DISGRACEFUL! Haredim are now what the “blacks”were in America.So much for all the nonsense about “pluralism” ,it doesn’t apparently include accepting religious Jews!

  2. Nebach to people who think their biggest asset is the worst tragedy without Torah the country would’ve been last a long time ago

  3. There are facts missing from this story. The Education Ministry submits funds for all sectors in Malei Adumin as they do in every city. There have been no funds requested or allocated to Charedi education.

    No one is being chased out of town rather private $$$ are needed to build necessary mosdos.

  4. But they want the chareidim to join the army but not allow them to live all over Israel. They won’t put a chareidi judge on the Supreme Court but they will an Arab. It’s interesting that an Arab judge on the Supreme Court put the president of Israel in jail for 7 years. Arab terrorist who murder Jews get released but Jews have to sit. Some democracy.The Arab who murdered two israeli soldiers in a most horrible way,then posed on television with their bloody hands after ripping out their hearts, only sat ten years. The government does not care about its soldiers physically or spiritually. In the Yom Kippur war 1973,500 mostly religious soldiers died the first day because the then government of golda Meir wanted to show that Israel was attacked first and did not care to lose 500 soldiers as cannon fahter.


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