Chareidim Most Satisfied With Life

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According Central Bureau of Statistics figures for the year 2016, 75% of the population are Jewish, 20% Arab and 5% other ethnicities or religions. Amongst Jews, 45% categorized themselves secular, 25% traditional, 16% religious and 14% chareidi. The overall population is expected to reach 20 million by 2065 with the chareidi share rising from 11% to 32%.

Jews are more satisfied with their lives than Arabs. Amongst Jews, chareidim are most satisfied with their lives and finances and have 50% to 70% lower incidences of worry and stress. 91% of chareidim donated money in the past years compared to 60% of secular Jews.

46% of Jews and 25% of Arabs took vacations or trips overseas and 17% of chareidim did so too.

8% of Jews felt poor in the past year and 31% of Arabs. Employment stands at 64.9%, among Jews, 42.5% among Arabs and 41.9% among chareidi men.

89% of Arabs and 85% of Jews felt secure walking alone their neighborhoods at night.

{ Israel}


  1. Crowd us up. We have connections.


    Its Torah.

    Any reform jew to say he is happy is lying. They say things. Curses never lifted are real.

    Hard not.

  2. The secular Israelis are seeking to fulfill their souls yearning and it won’t happen with cars and money. To feel purpose in life you have to feed your soul.


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