Chareidim Out: Netanyahu’s New Government Gets Sworn In

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knessetThe 33rd government of Israel was approved today with 68 voting in favor of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s government, 48 opposed and four MKs absent from the vote.

United Torah Judaism Knesset Member Yisrael Eichler called out during the vote: “Opposed to the evil government.” The 21 ministers, eight deputy ministers and the prime minister were then sworn in. MK Reuven Rivlin left the plenum as Netanyahu was sworn in.

Earlier Monday, Prime Minister Netanyahu unveiled his new government before the 22 new ministers swear an oath to the State and the Knesset.

The plenum session commenced with the confirmation of MK Yuli Edelstein’s appointment as the Knesset speaker.

Netanyahu then took to the podium where he presented his government’s guidelines. “I would like to thank the citizens if Israel for giving me the incredible opportunity of leading the country for the third time,” the prime minister said.

“The prime minister of Israel carries the supreme responsibility of the fate of the one and only Jewish state. Our existence here is not self evident and our presence here is not incidental.”

Netanyahu pledged his government will work for the benefit of all Israelis, and stressed the issues they will face: “We have an experienced team side-by-side with a fresh young group (of people) and this combination can lead to great changes in Israel, changes expected by the people, first and foremost a dramatic increase of the sharing of the national burden, dramatically reducing the cost of living, reducing the housing prices and increasing housing supply.”

The prime minister’s speech was interrupted when Knesset Members from the United Torah Judaism Party left the Knesset plenum en masse. As Netanyahu read out the names of Habayit Hayehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett, Uri Ariel and Uri Orbach, the United Torah Judaism members left the Knesset plenum calling out “a Jew doesn’t banish a Jew.”

They returned when Netanyahu finished his speech.

Then it was Opposition Chairwoman Shelly Yachimovich’s (Labor) turn to speak. “You are a wealthy, satiated leadership, who may physically be sitting among the people but who fails to understand the people.

Yachimovich added: “The four of you; Netanyahu, Lapid, Bennett and Livni – are well off, come from privileged backgrounds and have never struggled to make a living. You are all capitalists.”

Regarding the cost of living, Yachimovich said that “it’s about the right for a normal life which isn’t only about survival. The right for a respectful life, the right for economy, the right for justice for poor and rich, the right for a roof over our head, the right to go the cinema, to travel abroad once every few years, to guitar lessons for your kid, computer games, the right to buy pudding, chicken, avocado, the right to a full fridge and a family dinner.”

Next at the podium was United Torah Judaism MK Yaakov Litzman, who accused the coalition of deliberately excluding the charedi parties. “The only thing wrong with me is that I have a beard and side curls. So what’s my problem? That I dress this way. I’m sure that if I shaved my beard I would have kept my position.”

Regarding the equal share of the national burden, Litzman said: “No one negotiated with us about it. Anyway, burden-shmurden – no one will enlist. Do not be fooled.”

At around 7 pm the Knesset members will vote to approve the government and the ministers will then swear an oath.

Earlier on Monday, Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid, who was appointed Finance Minister, asked to postpone a discussion on the biennial budget set to Tuesday in order to reexamine the issue.

He praised Netanyahu for his handling of the coalition negotiations. “The negotiations were long.

“Our success is not in the positions but what we achieved in the agreement from equal share of the burden through to grants for Holocaust survivors. I want to thank the prime minister. He managed to bring us together despite the differences.


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  1. Regarding the equal share of the national burden, Litzman said: “No one negotiated with us about it. Anyway, burden-shmurden – no one will enlist. Do not be fooled.”

    No one will enlist? No one will receive money from the governmant.

  2. So UTJ got up and walked out while the prime minister was speaking? Real derech eretz and respect for the forms of democratic government, not to mention the rest of the country. At least show common courtesy to the elected head of the country’s government. This is the sort of thing that middle school kids do.

    Why do we love to shoot ourselves in the foot all the time?

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