Chareidim To Fill Yerushalayim’s Kindergartens

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According to Education Ministry statistics, 25,144 chareidi children will learn in Yerushalayim kindergartens this school year versus only 16,522 in 2011. Only 13,104 children will learn in government kindergartens next year versus 9,063 in 2011, and 17,055 of the city’s kindergarten children next year will be Arabs.

Yedi’ot Yerushalayim noted that 77% of children starting school next year will be chareidim and Arabs and only 23% will be religious-Zionist or secular. Even Ramat Eshkol, which was almost completely secular until a few years ago, now has only one secular kindergarten and 58 chareidi kindergartens.

The Neveh Yaakov neighborhood in northeast Yerushalayim now has 82 kindergartens versus 53 in 2011. Its last secular school closed down four years ago.

David Steger – Israel



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