Chareidim Trade IDF for Police Service

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israeli_police_1Dozens of young chareidi men are choosing to join the Israel Police instead of the IDF, following the army’s war on the exclusion of women and the recent dismissal of the rabbi in charge of integrating charedim into military service.

In the police, the new recruits are promised better conditions matching their religious beliefs, such as complete gender segregation and strictly kosher meals.

Some 30 charedim have joined the Traffic Police in the past year, where they enjoy special conditions. The police service program is an alternative for compulsory military service.

Following the growing rift between the army and religious soldiers, the police aim to recruit at least 100 new charedi policemen. The new recruits may also serve in the police’s 100 emergency call center.

Apart from the complete separation from women, the police are trying to lure the young charedim with additional benefits like easier service conditions and a special permit to take off their uniform upon leaving the station.

“This is a significant benefit for the charedi public, as there are those who prefer to conceal their work in the security forces,” explains one of the charedi policemen serving as part of the special program.

“In the police we won’t face problems of women singing. They have a lot of respect for religion and religious policemen there, and they won’t hurt my feelings,” says one of the young men considering joining the police.

A former Chabad chossid who has already begun serving as a policeman says a daily Gemara shiur is being held in one of the Traffic Police units.

“The moment I realized what was going on in the IDF, I decided to move to the police,” says Shneor Hababo, a 23-year-old charedi man from the southern city of Kiryat Malachi.

“I can’t be part of a system where I might be forced to listen to women singing,” he says. “The person who convinced me to move was the chief of staff, when he said we would be forced to do things that contradict our belief – like listen to women singing.”

Last week, Hababo arrived with five of his friends for a special meeting at the Kiryat Malachi Police, where they made a final decision to join the police force.

“Some of us are being transferred from the army and some are directly being drafted into the police. We enlist as fighters, make more money than in the army and receive explicit assurance that our lifestyle will be honored,” one of them said.

The person who identified the charedi potential is Commander Alex Pearlman, head of the Traffic Police’s Planning and Development Department.

Pearlman told the Chabad Info website,” I heard about the IDF’s charedi service program, and I thought to myself that we in the police should introduce such a project as well.”

He said he was working on significantly expanding the project. “I am in close contact with the commanders in Ramla, Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva, so I can be sure that there won’t be any mishaps.

“I am in no competition against the IDF and I have no intention of taking away any of their potential recruits, but this is definitely a very important issue for me.”

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. The problem is that there are only limited openings.
    It is unbelievable that the army is so unreasonable. It is not to their benefit nor of the country’s to exclude or discourage a large segment of the population from wanting to go to the army. Never mind the open anti-religious face that they are showing.

  2. Sensible, was it to Sahul’s benefit to kick David out of his army and pursue him?

    Me Too, if you do not already live in EY, come, become a citizen and at least vote. If you do, get involved according to your specific talents.

  3. The IDF is really two armies intertwined. There is the real army that has to fight wars and then there is the puaton, the babysitting service. This is due to the Communist roots of the State and the requirement that everyone join the IDF.

    Nearly all women and most men are useless as soldiers and really armies limit whom they are willing to admit. Since the IDF must take in anyone who can more or less breath in their own, real soldiers are assigned to serious combat units while all the others are sent into make work or support units. It is these make work units that constitute the puaton.

    The puaton was the place that the “new Jews” were supposed to be created. They were to be indoctrinated into the glories of communism and service to the State. All vestiges of past, especially religion, were to be removed. Only the true teachings of Labor Zionism were to be allowed.

    Because of the need to have a real army, a certain amount of slack was given to religious soldiers. Just enough for them to be useful in combat but not enough for them to ever rise to significant rank.

    Today the Generals no longer believe they need religious soldiers in the IDF. They have their new high tech toys and mercenary units. They also all have their second (third or forth) home outside of Israel if things ever really go bad. So they no longer have any reason to “pamper” the religious. Either they give up all their superstitious nonsense or stay out of “their” army.

  4. “They [police] have a lot of respect for religion …” Hah? Is this a joke?

    “A former Chabad chossid …” What did they do to him that he is no longer a Chabad chossid? And what is he now, a Brisker?


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