Chareidization Of Religious Zionist Schools

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Many religious Zionist schools are becoming Chareidi-Zionist, according to a new study.

Ne’amanei Torah Va’Avodah, an organization that opposes these changes, noted that over the past ten years, the number of such schools, which have a high level of gender separation and devote up to half their time to Torah studies, has doubled to sixty institutions with 10,000 pupils.

During the past fifteen years, the number of children in gender separated religious Zionist schools rose from 33 to 51 percent.

David Steger – Israel


  1. “Ne’emanei Torah V’Avodah” is NOT a reliable source. They are an Israeli version of Open Orthodoxy that would not be called Orthodox. They have made it their mission to fight the Charedim and even the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. They have an agenda and will twist any data to fit their agenda.

  2. ” devote up to half their time to Torah studies”

    That’s considered Charaidi? Most American MO schools are like that.


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