Charles Rangel Receives Standing Ovation in Harlem


rangel1Rep. Charles Rangel was greeted with a standing ovation Shabbos at a town hall meeting in Harlem two days after he was censured by by the House.

“I am very pleased this is behind me,” Rangel, who looked dapper in a dark suit and tie, told cheering supporters after a two-year ethics probe.

Insisting that his colleagues were bowing to political pressure, Rangel remained defiant and confident, saying he was “not guilty of corruption or self-enrichment.”

Rangel, the dean of New York’s congressional delegation, vowed to put the matter behind him and get back to work.

“This weekend will be the last time that I refer to this matter in any way,” Rangel said.

Rangel admitted that he was guilty only of being “overzealous in soliciting funds” and of sloppy bookkeeping.

The House cited him for failing to pay taxes on a vacation villa, filing misleading disclosure forms and improperly soliciting funds for a college from companies with business in front of his committee.

“I didn’t go to bed with any kids. I didn’t curse out the speaker. I didn’t start a revolution against the United States of America,” said Rangel. “I did not self deal. I did not take any money.”

As Rangel walked into Harlem Hospital’s Herbert Cave Auditorium, a woman hugged him, saying: “It’s over now. It’s over.”

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