Charlie Rose to Cheney: Would You Have Seen Iraq Differently If You Had More Oxygen to Your Brain?

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cheneyOn Tuesday’s Charlie Rose Show, former Vice President Dick Cheney came on to promote his new book about surviving heart disease and was treated to a nasty swipe from the host about his Iraq war decision making.

When Cheney told the PBS host and co-anchor of CBS’s This Morning that he had wished he had gotten his heart transplant done sooner, Rose took a swing, meant as a joke: “Might you have seen Iraq differently if we had more oxygen to your brain?” Cheney laughed off the cheap shot.

The following exchange was aired on the October 29 edition of PBS’s Charlie Rose Show:

CHARLIE ROSE: And you feel today and your prospects for, you know, a healthy life are good?

DICK CHENEY: My prospects at this stage are, the heart I have now, we did an arterial graph of it to check the arteries out. Catheterization. And it, the heart arteries are clean. I had not had clean heart arteries probably since I was 20 years old. So it’s remarkable.

ROSE: So, do you feel different?

CHENEY: Well I feel healthy and strong.

ROSE: I mean, when you were 60. Do you feel different today than you did when you were 60? When it really got bad?

CHENEY: Well it really got bad –

ROSE: We could have had a better vice president –

CHENEY: If I had just done it sooner.

ROSE: – if you had done the transplant earlier?

CHENEY: Yeah, yeah, right.

ROSE: Might you have seen Iraq differently if we had more oxygen to your brain?


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  1. Not such a cheap shot. The Bush administration made some really disastrous calls on the Iraq war 9one of the reasons why other countries are now not so enthusiastic about joint military operations with us). In addition, many of the medications taken for heart conditions (especially beta-blockers) can have effects on mental functioning. Regarding Mr. Cheney, this isn’t a new worry. There were worries about it even when he was in office.

  2. The irrefutable fact is that Dick Cheney is one of the most strident supporters Israel ever had in the upper echelons of the United States government.

    Y’all can take all the pot-shots you want at Bush’s policy decisions and Cheney’s health; however, at the end of the day, Dick Cheney, in particular, consistently sided with Israel.

    Hands down, I’d take Dick Cheney’s view of the world over Barack Obama’s view any day, any time.

    Dick Cheney is a good man!

  3. Vice President Dick Cheney was a true, solid, and consistent supporter of Israel. I can unequivocally state that Israel has never had a reliable friend and ally in the upper echelons of power in the United States as Dick Cheney. This is an irrefutable fact.


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