Chassan With Two Sick Parents Stayed Strong, Until He Got Sick Too

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Rav Yitzchok Grossman released a video this week on behalf of a young man whose family the Rav knows personally. The young man’s parents are both ill, and he had already been struggling to make his own wedding. In a painful turn of events, the chassan became ill as well. They are now in a state of panic, unsure how they will manage. Transcription of the video reads as follows:


“My brothers and sisters,

I know this chassan and kallah. The chassan grew up in a holy home. But the father and the mother, especially the mother, are very sick. He has been through things in his life. It was very difficult at home.


He is engaged to a very good kallah.


What happened next? He just became sick also – We need to help him.


To be healthy, to marry, to build his home and to have nachas. I can’t explain to you the biggest mitzvah that you have to help in this case. I know the family, a holy family. I know this boy.

Please! Do everything! It’s the biggest mitzvah.


This is hachnasas kallah, this is bikur cholim, this is pidyon nefesh. All these mitzvos together.


And in this merit, that you will help, Hashem should bless you to marry off your children with only happiness and health, measure for measure. In the merit of this mitzvah Hashem should bless you with all the brachos he promised in our holy Torah.”


Those who are able to do this mitzvah of hachnasas kallah, bikur cholim, and pidyon nefesh can receive the Rav’s blessing to marry off their children in health here for a limited time.






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