Chaveirim of Lakewood ‘Look Before You Lock’ Awareness Campaign


Chaveirim of Lakewood, in conjunction with the Lakewood Police Department, has once again launched their ‘Look Before You Lock’ awareness campaign.

The interior temperature of a vehicle can soar to 130 degrees in less than seven minutes during a heat wave. Even with 80-degree temperatures the temperature inside a car can reach 110 degrees in approximately the same amount of time.

Lakewood Chaveirim, as first responders to incidents where a child is left in a vehicle, report that 99.9% of lockouts occur when a parent or caregiver is right there but accidentally locked the keys in the car with a child or children. However, they continue, “we have seen people run into a store to just grab something, leaving their kids out in the car. We aim to strongly discourage this practice, especially in this heat.

“The goal of the campaign is to raise extra awareness, making “Look Before You Lock” an automatic, subconscious action. You might be coming home from work when you never have your kids with you; you’re just going to get that mindset where you’ll check the back seat to make sure they’re not there.”

Over the past few days, this poster was hung up in approximately 200 Shuls around town and dozens of business.



  1. I find that the best reminder is that whenever I put my child in the car I always leave the driver window a little open, no matter how hot it is outside. And I don’t close it until all of the kids are out of the car.


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