Suri Brisk a”h

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It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Chaya Sarah Brisk a”h. Suri, a daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Avrohom and Breindy Brisk, was a kallah, soon to be married, who was injured in a bus accident nine months ago, in May, in Lakewood, NJ.

She had been in a car with her chosson when their vehicle collided with a school bus on County Line Road at Monmouth Avenue in the heart of Lakewood. Thousands of Yidden around the world had been davening for Chaya Sara bas Chava Breindel, hoping and praying that she would recover and merit to walk to the chupah with her chosson. The devastating news of her petirah has cast the Lakewood community and kehillos elsewhere into mourning.

Suri had been a devoted staff member at the School for Children with Hidden Intelligence (SCHI), where the levaya will take place today at 12:30 p.m. SCHI is located at 345 Oak Street in Lakewood. Kevurah will follow at the Floral Park Cemetery in South Brunswick.

Yehi zichrah boruch.

May we know of no further tzaar.

Umacha Hashem dimah mei’al kol ponim.

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  1. Suri was a special neshama who was so beloved by all. It is hard to imagine what she went through thse last months. Hashem took a gem. may she be a meilitz yosher for all.

  2. We here in Eretz Yisroel are still strolling around leisurely buying falafel, ice cream, and the likes, planning our trips to America to Europe etc. True many people are feeling here in Israel the economic pinch, but still we are generally trying very hard to be oblivious to what is happening in the world. The Jewish population of Europe and America is using the same type of “head in the ground” Shita, just not to admit that this superficial world that they have built out of materials that are not able to withstand the Truth is about to fall and disappear into oblivion. They refuse to admit that the life of endless Bar Mitzvahs endless expensive Gashmiusdik weddings endless shopping, shopping, and more shopping, endless stuffing themselves with foods in restaurant after restaurant is almost at an end. Not just that, we are entering a time of deprivation, a time that will herald in the end of the world as we know it.

    If you feel depressed by what I am saying, you will feel even more depressed if you don’t prepare yourself this minute for what is coming. This minute. I repeat again. Prepare yourself this minute for what is coming, because its coming very soon.

    You will not have anyone or anything to depend on. Not your Social Security, or your Bituach Leumi, not your pension in any country, not the almighty dollar. It will be worthless. Not the Sterling, or the Euro, or the Yen or any currency. Gold will be extremely valuable, but how much gold can you carry around, and how much gold can you be sure no one will steal from you? Tzva Hagana L’Yisrael (the Israeli Defense Force) will be in shambles. The Knesset with all its evil and lying politicians will disappear. The medical profession will crumble. Will we have the basics in our houses like water, electricity etc.? That we’ll have to wait and see. I doubt it. We will be totally dependant only on Hashem, which is the true reality always. We’ve become so dependant on the lies that people have told us. We trust only the banks which will fall, the insurance companies which will fall, in our cell phones which won’t work, in electricity which will disappear, foods once easily gotten which will be much more difficult to get, and it goes on and on. We’re a stupid society that put all of our eggs in
    one basket. For example what is the world going to be without electricity? How will the modern world survive? How can we live in a world that everything is based on electricity? Absolutely ridiculous!

    Am Yisrael COME BACK TO Hakodosh Boruch Hu. He is Hakol Yachol, not the electric company, and not Bezeq or ConEd, and not any other company. Only He, Hakodosh Boruch Hu, the Ribono Shel Olam, the Ruler and Creator of the world and all that exists, and when you learn to depend on Him you can never be needy of anything. He creates it all. He created us, and all the worlds and everything that exists and with Him we can always be sure that our needs will be met. Bitachon in Hashem, my dear Yidden thats what will save you. You better get your act together, because if you don’t you will be doomed to oblivion, Shelo Naida.

    SO AGAIN I BEG all those Yidden who are living in Chutz Laaretz, try your hardest to make your way here. If you cannot do that be sure that you make your way to Hakodosh Boruch Hu and for those who do make their way to Eretz Yisroel, I suggest you do Teshuva very quickly. Start this minute. You know your Aveiros. The biggest Aveira of this generation is the lack of Kedusha. The Kedusha has almost disappeared from Jewish life, almost, Boruch Hashem not completely. The Jews are confused and do not for the most part know what Kedusha means.

    We built a community, a Frum community not based on Kedusha at all. Only a flimsy structure that once was the base of our Kedusha. Once we were the shining example of holiness, holiness in dress in speech, in thought in every way but now we’ve become dirtied and sullied by the Goyisha world. We’ve taken pride in making a Jewish community, so-called Frum community that looks like Goyim, that acts in many instances like Goyim. What can I tell you? We must do Teshuva. We must, must, must do Teshuva. If you don’t do Teshuva before you come to Eretz Yisroel, or at least be in the process, your coming will have no meaning. And those who cannot come now at least come close to Hashem and trust Him and get rid of all the Gashmius that you can that’s not absolutely necessary, and if He sees, so to speak, that you trust in Him, that you believe in Him, that you accept Him as Hakol Yachol, then you too will be saved.

    Am Yisroel, its over! The Golus is ending and with it the world. The world of Sheker that we’ve been living in since the first man ate from the Tree of Knowledge, since the Nachash (snake) twisted man’s thoughts and had him eat from the tree, the Etz Hadaas. So please take my words seriously. They are truth!

  3. There are R”L many traffic accidents, these days, where R”L the lives of young children and Bochurim are being claimed.

    The reason for these innocent Korbonos could possibly be R”L due to the lack of Kovod Bais Hamedresh which include both talking during davening and krias hatorah and the KIDDISH CLUBS which must be stopped

  4. All tzoros are “chevlei Moshiach” as labor pains before birth,so are the tzores of klal yisroel before moshiach comes, Hashem should have rachmones on us and turn all those tragedies into happiness, BIMHEIRO BEYOMEINU , OMEN

  5. reply to #13: Your comment reminds me of a meeting of rabbonim thirty some years ago in monsey to discuss a similar issue. After the various rabbonim spoke about how to be mechazek the community, Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky zt”l arose and said “how about trying to put more sidewalks on the road?”
    The point is that with all these terrible traffic accidents maybe it is time we start focusing more on street safety. The cars where I live in Brooklyn drive dangerously fast. If Rav Yaakov were alive today perhaps he would say “How about driving a bit more cautiously on the roads?”

  6. The greatest thing we can all do now for this choisheve kallah A”H who passed away is to do a mitzvah in her memory

    1. give some tzedakah
    2. learn a mishna
    3. say a perek of thillem

    etc etc

  7. BDE, Rachmono Litzlan, Moshiach etc., am I missing something?
    Sure, I do:
    Nobody said so far that driving carefully is a great Mitzvah of “Ve’Nishmartem MEOD le’Nafshosseichem”.
    You do the proper driving, Moshiach will come in due time.

  8. We all know deep in our hearts that #12 is right. Perhaps he is a bit too harsh and strident in his criticism of the today’s heilige Torah yidden, but the basic premise is correct.

    Let us all wake up, and exert ourselves in Torah, Tefila & Chesed, and let go of the shtusim that dominate our lives.

    Remember-Vachamushim Alu B’nei Yisrae-l -Chazal teach us that only one fifth went out. The rest died in Makas Coishech.We need to see to it that the Karbonos Zibur of these heilige neshamos that have been taken from us of late, should not be in vain. We ALL have lost young people close to us lately, if not family members, than dear friends. We ought to be wide awake.

    Oy! May Hashem be menachem the parents of this derhoibene Bas Yisrael, her chosson, and the entire family.The tears do not stop flowing. May the Shoimaia Kol Bichyois hear our cries, and say Daiy lezaroisainu.

    May we ALL be zoiche to Teshuvah Shelaima, and to see Moshiach zidkeinu bekarov.

  9. Everyone is jumping on the Parshas Hamman Segula bandwagon yesterday. What about an open werse in the torah as explained by Rashi, below?

    ????? ???? ?????? ???????: ????? ??? ???? ????? ???, ??? ???? ????? ?????, ?? ??? ???? ?? ???, ??? ???? ?? ???:

  10. is this coincidence? was this an accident waiting to happen? Hashem gave us 9 months-during her sickness-to get the message for teshuva to start & not wait. NOW WE left Hashem no choice showing Hashem that we don’t realize why this terrible accident happened.

    MAY THERE be no more tragedy
    May we all get the message from Hashem right away & start doing teshuva ASAP
    MAY HER NESHAMA HAVE AN ALIYA & may her family only hear from Happy Simchas

  11. How about we just look at our own failings
    and pick something to do for Hashem even though it is tough
    Baruch Dayan Emes


  12. Reply to #28: I read your link and do not see any relevance to my post. Quite the opposite, I agree that this is not the time to start rebuking others.

    Yet, in light of the fact that we recently have had many tragic car accidents I do believe this is EXACTLY the time to start focusing on street safety.

  13. To # 4:

    Dear “Emes”,

    You wrote a VERY lengthy comment. While yes, the news of this tragedy is heart-breaking, the way you described your feelings to cope with the news in intolerable.

    In fact, people like YOU, make we want to go off the Derech.

    Ever heard of ?? ???? ?? ????? ?? ????? ???????

    You stated something completely irrelevant to the petira that “Tzva Hagana L’Yisrael (the Israeli Defense Force) will be in shambles. The Knesset with all its evil and lying politicians will disappear” and bring Hashem’s name.

    While yes, Hashem is the ruler of the world, the one who gives and takes, the one who sustains and detains, do you really assume – with all do respect, never mind the Knesset – that every Jew- especially in the IDF – Jews who are risking their lives 24/7 are evil too, meantime you’re crying out in your comment that Hashem wants us move to Eretz Yisrael?

    If you are expressing how unhappy you are with the Jewish people there, why don’t YOU move out of Eretz Yisrael then?

    Regardless that Hashem created each precious Jew differently, you obviously seem you don’t have enough emunah in your people.


  14. To Emes: You may say what you like, but your rant is uncalled for, especially at this time. Doomsday does not prompt us to Teshuva. Trying to encourage goodness does. I doubt that the suffering family would be comforted reading your comments. Change your tune a bit.

  15. question to you:
    if the ones who understand the inyon of HaShem and Moshiach ALL go to eretz hakodosh, then who will help the lost Jews to come back to Torah and mitzvos.
    We have to bring geula by helping others come closer to Torah and mitzvos because they are part of us. How would we leave them?

  16. To #12-emes and all those making comments to #12-emes. Look up on the internet Daniel18 – autists using FCC who have been bringing messages from shamayim for almost 20 years now. What “emet ” says is no chidush .

  17. Chaya Sarah Brisk, a’h: So tragic and is so heartbreaking. Baruch Dayan Emes. May her pure neshama’le have an aliyah.
    Wishing her family and loved ones to be consoled and comforted among the mourners of Zion and Yerushalaim.
    We do need Moshiach ASAP.


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