Cheder Boys Lead Eidah March in Geulah Against Mandatory Draft

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yerushalayim-boys-protest-draft[Photos below.] Hundreds of young cheder boys in Yerushalayim participated in a march  today in the Geulah neighborhood to protest the effort by the Israeli government to draft yeshiva bochurim into the IDF.

The event, arranged by the Eida Hachareidis and held in Kikar Shabbos, featured the saying of various tefillos and divrei hisorerus from rabbonim.

The Eidah, following criticism for involving children in the protest, issued a statement prior to today’s event saying that the matter of being drafted into the IDF “is truly a harsh gezeirah for the entire Torah world, and in this case only the tefillos of tinokos shel bais rabbon can help.”

See below for photos:

{ Israel News Bureau/Photos courtesy and with permission of Kikar HaShabbat}


  1. Why shouldn’t they use the children??? The beautiful young boys who are the future of yiddishkeit are exactly the ones that will one day be forced to serve in the zionist army against their will!

  2. These chlidren will never be drafted. Their chadorim don’t take money from the Medina. Why are they getting to lead the fight?

  3. Just to confirm the math here:
    Only Learning torah = protection against the massed arab armies on Israel’s borders
    Only bitul torah of tinokes shel beis Raban = protection from the gezeirah of the government.

  4. this is what klal yisroel needs-TO BE TIED ONE TO ANOTHER WITH HANDCUFFS-cause nothing else will bring achdus-on all levels from frum to frei & reform etc…-to klal yisroel & achdus (unity) is what klal yisroel needs for Mashiach to come.

    ITS TRAGIC that we can’t bring achdus to klal yisroel without handcuffs


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