Cheder Rebbe Raising Large Family Alone

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From the early hours of the morning and into the late hours of the night, Yosef Rabinowitz of Ramat Shlomo pours his heart into his work as a cheder rebbe. His investment is not only for the boys he educates, but for his family: Due to a tragic series of events, he is single-handedly responsible for raising 12 children.

Wife Chaya, 57, was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. After rigorous treatments, doctors determined that chemotherapy had been effective. She entered remission, and her large family breathed a sigh of relief. Seven months ago, however, her condition took a turn for the worse: the cancer returned. As of today, Chaya is completely bedridden, unable to perform even the most basic daily tasks. Each Friday evening, her daughters must bring her shabbos candles to her bedside for her to light.

The five Rabinowitz children currently living at home, the youngest of which is 12-year-old Yisrael Dovid, spend their days tending to her needs and administering her medication.

Their situation has recently become highly urgent: Despite their best efforts and financial assistance from the married children of the family, Yosef is no longer able to afford his wife’s essential treatments. To make matters worse, she must have urgent surgery to remove a tumor. The family cannot cover their monthly rent, let alone an expensive medical procedure.

Daughter Malky Rabinowitz has made it her mission, therefore, to make her family’s story public and to save her mother’s life. With a look of seriousness beyond her years, Malky addresses the camera:

“You can’t heal my mom,” she says. “But to help her, to help my father rebuild his house – This you can do.”

She then gives blessings to those who find it in their heart to donate. The pressure the young girl feels to raise money for her family in time to save her mother’s life is palpable.

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