Cheney in 9/11 Op-Ed: No President Has Done More to Weaken Us Than Obama

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In the 15 years since the deadliest attack on the homeland in U.S. history, “no American president has done more to weaken” the nation than Barack Obama, former Vice President Dick Cheney charges, Newsmax reports.

In an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, co-written with daughter Liz, Cheney argues the war with Islamic terrorists “will require an effort of greater scale and commitment than anything we have seen since World War II.”

Here are some other comments Cheney makes in the article:

“Defeating our enemies has been made significantly more difficult by the policies of Barack Obama. No American president has done more to weaken the U.S., hobble our defenses or aid our adversaries…”

“[Obama has] overseen a decline of our own military capabilities as our adversaries’ strength has grown…. [and] doesn’t seem to understand that the credible threat of military force gives substance and meaning to our diplomacy.”

“[Obama took] the nation off a war footing [and treats terrorism] as a law-enforcement matter” – including by ending the “enhanced interrogation program.”

“It didn’t matter that the Enhanced Interrogation Program produced information that prevented attacks, saved American lives and, we now know, contributed to the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden. Mr. Obama ended the program, publicly revealed its techniques, and failed to put any effective terrorist-interrogation program in its place.”

“We are no longer interrogating terrorists in part because we are no longer capturing terrorists. Since taking office, the president has recklessly pursued his objective of closing the detention facility at Guantanamo by releasing current detainees—regardless of the likelihood they will return to the field of battle against us.”

“President Obama and Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry were so concerned with pleasing Iran’s ruling mullahs that they were willing to overlook the American blood on Iranian hands and decades of Iran’s activities as the world’s leading state sponsor of terror…”

“Every promise made to the American people about the Obama nuclear agreement has been broken [and] instead, the Obama-Clinton agreement virtually guarantees an Iranian nuclear weapon, gives them access to the latest in centrifuge technology and will likely usher in a nuclear arms race across the Middle East.”




  1. Remember the once upon a time – the UNITED States of America – Mr Obama did the greatest job of changing it to the DIVIDED States of America, by changing the letters around to UNTIED.

    He’ll go down in history for the greatest change in American history since George Washington, and I mean real change, like if you had Dollars you now have only change…………………

  2. Powerful!
    It’s a shame his op-ed piece won’t work to kill Clinton’s chances for the presidency. His info, assuming it’s all factual, is quite damning and ought help to do her in! But it won’t!

  3. Fuggle-tooth Cheney is bland. Mind you he is esteemed, but his conception of a strong America is water boarding until Hashem himself has to choke on the prayers of man.

    Cheney gives trust a bad name. His fuggle is his own unpopular conception that crime hits bitter gold. He has too much.

    • I would ask what a fuggle is, but I’ve long given up on understanding your ridiculous posts. I think I’ll stop reading them and just ignore you.

      • Don’t worry. The children’s books never make the illiterate more wise. Perhaps your childhood was terrible without Enough good faith in G-d. I might be happy to make a word that is humorous and maybe G-d himself will think that he is honored by good freedom of humor. I do not know if you have one or know anything about good faith. Thanks for your answered quiet mind.

  4. “they were willing to overlook the American blood on Iranian hands”
    They weren’t just willing to overlook. Obama learned from his “Rebbe” to hate American and due to our many sins, he was given the opportunity for 8 years to undermine American interests in whatever way he could. As Dick Cheney testifies, he didn’t waste time and made sure to take advantage…


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