Chesed 24/7 Volunteers Drive 323,726 Miles This Year

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chesed-24-7When Mordechai M. from Rockland County was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, his entire world was suddenly consumed by medical procedures, lengthy hospital stays and stressful shuttling between home and medical facilities.  With frequent, nerve-wracking traffic and impossible parking, traveling into the city became a nightmare for him. That’s when Chesed 24/7 came into the picture.

Chesed 24/7’s network of devoted volunteer drivers are constantly transporting individuals or families to doctor’s offices, hospitals, treatment centers, labs, or rehabilitation facilities.  Not only does this alleviate tremendous worry for patients and their families, it also gives them a huge boost, knowing that someone is there to support them.  As Tzipora G. attested, “Just knowing that I had a way of coming and going to treatments really made the whole ordeal that much more bearable.”

In the past year, Chesed 24/7’s one hundred and fifty volunteer drivers drove 323,726 cumulative miles, covering 7,558 trips and saving patients and families $451,478 in car service fees.  However, as Avrumy Breuer, one of Chesed 24/7’s most dedicated volunteer drivers, points out, “How can one put a price tag on the tremendous chesed done to help someone out who’s dealing with such a huge pekele?  If we can do anything to help eliminate some of their stress — that is priceless.”

Just as it’s not possible to put a dollar amount on chesed, it is also not possible to fully thank the volunteer drivers who drop everything, day or night, to answer a call and take a patient or family member wherever they may need to go. They put aside their own personal schedules and place patients and their families first, eager to respond to a call even after a long full day of work.

Chesed 24/7 hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Wednesday night to thank the 150 volunteer drivers for all that they do on behalf of fellow Yidden.  Kudos to these exceptional and devoted volunteers who grab the opportunity to perform a mitzvah at any time with such generosity and zerizus – 24/7.

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  1. Glad to read this, but this article is a total UNDERSTATEMENT! Having experienced their service myself, I can not help but comment. The care and selflessness, the loyalty and devotion of these volunteers are second to none. Always with a smile as if you are doing them a favor. They are the epitome of CHESED. The entire organization is built upon the same rock solid foundation of giving with a smile and with a touch of home. The CHESED ROOMS in all major hospitals are another example of their innovative methods of how to BE THERE for patients and their families. They are a LIFE ALTERING organization that is enjoyed by tens of thousands of people -from all walks of life- annually, and yet get very little recognition. Thank you MATZAV.COM! We can always count on you to bring out the positive acts performed by Klal Yisroel! Keep up the great work! All Of You! MATZAV and CHESED alike!

  2. I know the organization well. They do incredible work, not just with rides. They also have hospitality rooms with food in many hospitals in Manhattan. And they send meals to patients …Mi Keamcha Yisroel!
    @Bubby – You can get their information from their website

  3. Amazing in deed. First Chesed Organization started in Williamsburgh, and then it spread to other Jewish neighborhoods – all with the same itentions – just to help a fellow jew – from a proud Chesed Member

  4. Just for the record, this CHESED organization was founded in 1976 out of someone’s own small kitchen providing meals for the sick and new mothers. It has since blossomed into this huge conglomerate of CHESED24/7! I THINK they recently expanded their name from CHESED OF NEW SQUARE where they are based out of, to CHESED24/7 as to more accurately reflect the real essence if their mission! (Got to give credit where credit is due… Weather I like it or not)


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