Chevron Arab Picks Wrong Victim

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On a recent Shabbos morning, a Chevron Arab began cursing a group of Jews returning home from Shacharis at Meoras Hamachpeilah. The Palestinian chose his victims unwisely because among them was right wing attorney Ittamar Ben Gevir, a member of the Honenu legal aid association.

Noticing that the provocation was being filmed by a leftist from a nearby roof, Ben Gevir laid charges against the Arab and leftist on motzoei Shabbos, maintaining that they had behaved inappropriately in a public place by attempting to start a provocation and disturb the peace.

“We’re talking about permanent policy among extreme left-wing activists, who create a provocation and film the outcome in order to record the reaction, and then edit the footage to present the events in a distorted fashion,” he said. “They do this also against IDF soldiers, coming up to the soldiers and cursing them, and the soldiers are left powerless to respond, as they are also unaware that the law allows them to detain the provocateurs for insulting a public official while he is fulfilling his duty.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Why don’t the soldiers know that the law allows them to detain such provocateurs, that they are public officials on duty? If they would act on this more often, there’s be less provocation, because our “dear cousins” would get a taste of their own medicing.


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