Chevron To Buy Noble Energy For $5 Billion, Bringing Oil Giant In Control Of Israel’s Gas Fields

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Chevron Corp said on Monday that it plans to buy Noble Energy for $5 billion in stock, a deal that would make it the first major oil company to enter the Israel energy market.

Besides boosting its investment in U.S. shale, the purchase will net Chevron Noble’s Leviathan natural-gas field off Israel’s coast, according to Reuters.

Chevron CEO Mike Wirth told Reuters that the company was “mindful of the fact that there are political differences and tensions” between Israel and its neighbors, where Chevron also does business, thought emphasized that it is “apolitical” and “a commercial actor.

“We engage with all of our different stakeholders as we go through something like this,” he said, according to the report.

Chevron is active in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Israel’s Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz welcomed the deal, calling it “a tremendous expression of confidence in the Israeli energy market and the continued development and export of natural gas from the State of Israel.”

U.S. Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette tweeted in response to the news that “the U.S.-Israeli energy relationship remains stronger than ever. This administration strongly supports the development of Eastern Mediterranean gas resources, and we look forward to what American ingenuity can do to boost energy development and security in the region.”

Separately, Israel approved a deal on Sunday with Cyprus, Greece, and Italy for the EastMed pipeline to transport natural gas to Europe.




  1. Another profitable Israeli venture sold to foreigners. Now the new owners won’t hire the Israelis to run and manage this operation, which will take away billions from the Israeli economy. How is this a good development?! The only people benefiting are the investors who made a quick buck, but the rest of the Israeli economy looses out. Perhaps it’s a good idea for the Israelis to institute a prohibitively-high capital-gains tax when a controlling interest in an Israeli company is sold to foreigners, with a possible exclusion of any foreign original investors; that will discourage the flip and burn business model, while still encouraging the foreign investment. Let the entire Israeli economy benefit from the Israeli inventions and natural resources; not just a few people on top.


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