Chief Of Staff, 10,000 IDF Soldiers In Quarantine After Possible Exposure To COVID

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IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi, along with 10,000 active duty and civilian employees, were ordered to quarantine on Thursday after being in close contact with people infected with COVID-19.

Kochavi is entering isolation for the second time. He said he feels well and does not have any virus symptoms, according to Ynet.

Some 350 IDF-employed individuals were reported as being infected as of Wednesday—double the number at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak.

The report noted that most of those in quarantine continue to work while in isolation, and that combat soldiers infected with the virus are allowed to train in isolation.

The IDF is not planning to lock down bases as it did during the first wave of the virus. However, time off for combat soldiers is being limited to once every three weeks.




  1. In Israel, the Health Dept’s secretaries are calling random people, random numbers, esp. on cellphones, telling them they’re quarantined because someone in their workplace / school has tested positive. THIS IS PROBABLY HOW 10,000 IDF SOLDIERS WERE QUARANTINED AFTER “POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TO COVID”. Several acquaintances of ours received such phone calls. One of them asked the caller what date and time it was. He told them he wasn’t even in that place at that time. So they told him to fight it out with the Health Dept. He called the Health Dept but they wouldn’t answer. If that’s the case, he said, it’s shtuyot and didn’t go into quarantine. Other people also got such calls.

    Another method of Israel’s Health Dept is testing everyone positive. Many people got letters in the mail that their test showed up positive when they didn’t even take a test. (Just like in the US and Canada.) Israel’s policy is: Guilty until proven innocent; positive until proven negative (which can sometimes happen by chance).

        • Of course I can get the virus and you can’t. I am a human being with a beautiful family that I certainly don’t want to infect. You are a bot whose posts are automatically generated, obviously immune to the virus. You also have nothing to lose.

  2. MATZAV, don’t allow bullies on your blog !!! Don’t post comments of those who bully others by using put-down words like the 5:48 pm above.


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