Chief of Staff: ‘Release of Hostages is Top Priority’

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Today, the head of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi, made a visit to Khan Yunis where he engaged in a thorough evaluation of the situation alongside Major General Yaron Finkelman, the Southern Command’s leading officer, Brigadier General Dan Goldfus from the 98th Division, Colonel Omer Cohen representing the Commando Brigade, and other key commanders.

During his presence, he engaged in dialogues with the commanders and troops of the Commando Brigade concerning the current operational status and commended them for their valiant efforts and maneuvers within the Gaza Strip.

Chief of Staff Halevi articulated, “On Sunday, we departed from Shifa, yet you remain steadfast here. We are exerting pressure to not only deepen our accomplishments but also to catalyze progress in negotiations, aiming to secure the release of hostages. This remains a paramount objective of utmost significance. It necessitates intensified pressure, and we will exert it resolutely, escalating as required. Your exemplary efforts are driving this forward. With each dismantled battalion, each neutralized commander, and every infrastructure eradicated, we bolster our leverage towards securing hostage release.”

He emphasized, “It’s unequivocal that your steadfast dedication significantly enhances both our operational capabilities and our national capacity to address these challenges more effectively. Maintain your resilience, sustain your commendable outcomes, adhere to stringent combat protocols, and persevere.”



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