Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau Calls For Everyone To Add 20 Minutes To Shabbos Extension Over Eurovision Desecration


Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau on Thursday called for Shabbos to be extended by 20 minutes in response to the expected chillul Shabbos caused by the Eurovision song contest.

“Due to the great desecration that will take place on the upcoming Shabbos because of the Eurovision song contest, I ask each and every person to refrain from doing work 10 minutes before lighting candles [to mark the start of the Sabbath] and ten minutes after the end of the Shabbos,” Lau said in a lecture in the central city of Modiin.

“We will extend the kedusha of Shabbos and add from the regular to the holy,” he said. “This desecration is taking place before the eyes of the world.”

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. How appropriate and how proper. Confront the darkness with our TRUE holy light. Thank you Rabbi Lau. You are a source of pride to your esteemed father shlita.


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