Chief Rabbi Prevents 10-Year-Get Refuser From Burying His Mother

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A man who refused to give his wife a get for over a decade has allegedly consented to terminate their marriage. This followed Chief Rabbi David Lau backing a ruling which prevented the divorce-refusing husband from burying his recently deceased mother.

The mother’s burial casket arrived in Israel from the US on Monday night, and after examining the case Lau backed the decision made by a US based Bais Din to postpone the kevura until the husband agrees to give a get.

“This is the most severe case of Agunah for over a ten years in which the husband totally refuses to allow his wife to continue her life while he is unlawfully married to a second wife,” said Lau.

“After all other options were exhausted, we were forced to inform the burial society not to bury his mother until a valid bill of divorce was given over to the son [of the couple].”

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  1. EXCELLENT “Psak”! The ex-husband was & is, a “Rasha Gomer”. Should have been excommunicated, in accordance with the “Cherum D’Rabbenu Gershon”, after his marriage to the second woman.
    Also, this guy committed two (2) transgressions; one, Biblical, the 5th Commandment, & the other, Rabbinical; namely, “Zilzul in Kovod H’Mes”.

  2. There’s a get waiting for her in Beis Din for many years. She simply refuses to pick it up, because she doesn’t like the terms of the psak Beis Din

  3. Yesh din veyesh dayan. Had her mother not supported him for keeping his first wife (in the meantime, he married another one) an agunah, she wouldn’t have suffered now.

  4. What kind of “Rav” would have married him to an “Aguna”; an “Eshes Ish”?? Certainly not an Orthodox one; irrespective of ‘religious affiliation.

    • Who married whom to an aguna? You’re getting the story wrong. This aguna could not get married and did not get married. It’s her husband who got a heter me’ah rabbanim to remarry by fooling the Rabbanim. And he remarried without divorcing his first wife.


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