Chief Rabbinate Compiles List Of Acceptable Diaspora Rabbonim

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In response to a court suit filed by the ITIM organization which helps people maneuver the maze of the Israeli rabbinate, the Chief Rabbinate supplied a list of Diaspora rabbonim it deemed worthy of relying upon in matters of personal Jewish status during the past few years.

The list included 150 rabbonim from nineteen different countries, with twenty-seven of them from the United States. Most were affiliated with chareidi groups while forty percent of them were members of the Rabbinical Council of America. No Open-Orthodox members of the International Rabbinical Fellowship appeared on the list.

Attorney Orit Mashmush of the rabbinate’s legal department stressed, “This list is not a list of recognized rabbis but a list of rabbis whose certificates issued (relating to marriage, divorce, conversion, etc.) have been recognized by the personal status and conversions department of the Chief Rabbinate.”

It therefore included the names of two rabbonim who recently passed away.

 David Steger – Israel



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