Chief Rabbinate On Tachanun On Yom HaAtzmaut

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israeli-rabbanutThe Israeli Rabbanut  sent out a clarification of how they feel people should deal with the various aspects of Yom HaAtzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim due to them being pushed up and not celebrated on their original dates.

The Rabbanut writes:

As is known, this year Yom HaAtzmaut falls out on Friday. In order to prevent desecration of Shabbos that would be caused by the various events as a result of being so close to Shabbos, it has been decided to make the celebrations and ceremonies earlier to Thursday 4 iyar.

Yom HaZikaron is therefore also made earlier, pushed up to Wednesday 3 Iyar.

With that, the minhag to not say tachanun on Yom HaAtzmaut will be followed this year as well as it is every year on the original date of Yom HaAtzmaut, on Friday the 5th of Iyar. The change in the date is only relevant to the various events, and not regarding the tefillot.

Yom Yerushalayim, which is on 28th of Iyar, this year falls out on Sunday. The Rabbanut has decided that this day also, in order to avoid potential desecration of Shabbos when preparing for the various events, events will not be held on Saturday night but will be delayed until Sunday.

However, also on this day, the prayers of Yom Yerushalayim are not changing. The tefilla said on the night of Yom yerushalayim will still be said on Saturday night, and the prayers said by day will be said Sunday morning as every year.

The Rabbanut makes no reference to Hallel or other special prayers some people say.

Because the Rabbanut statement of clarification was so unclear, the Rabbanut issued another clarification shortly after the first.

In this reclarification, the Rabbanut explains that, in their opinion, Tachanun should not be said today at Mincha of Yom HaZikaron, Thursday being Yom HaAtzmaut, and on Friday 5 Iyar.

The Rabbanut still said nothing specifically about Hallel and the other prayers.

Rav Ovadiah Yosef writes that although the Jewish people experienced a miracle with the establishment of the State of Israel, the miracle did not include all of the Jewish people and, therefore, Hallel should not be said with a bracha. Nevertheless, he writes that “If the congregation wishes to say Hallel without a blessing after the prayer service, they should not be prevented.”

Most poskim in the chareidi world have been clear in paskening that Hallel should not be said.

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  1. the day of the fifith of iyar is a day that we need to be fasting and be marbeh tfilot vetachninim, sine the establishment how many jewish people were killed
    we should prey that moshiach tzidkeynu should lead us back to zion, eretz yisroel bekrov mamesh omen.

  2. #1 I, as a frum Jew, was most interested in this article and thank Matzav for the posting. In halacha, we have discussions that look at both sides of an issue even if we pasken like one.

  3. Re;post#1.I hope that YOU are not frum,because a true frum person would like THIS article .MATZAV THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE.

  4. To #1

    The reason they post it is because of people like you. While looking Jewish, on the inside you are not. The amount of hatred you expel from your vile motuh illustrates how much of an impure Neshama you really have. With that, enjoy you trip to Iran and may you soon see the errors of your actions and thoughts.

  5. Most Haredi Rabbanim also say that Tachanun should be said as well. (There are exceptions, such as the Bostoner Rebbe, but the vast majority say tachanun on Hei Iyar. Many Chassidishe communities have a minhag to avoid saying Tachanun every Friday, even by Shacharis, but when Hei Iyar falls on Friday, like this year, they say Tachanun on Friday morning. The Chazon Ish even said Tachanun if there was a bris in his shul on hei iyar, lest anyone say that he did not say tachanun on hei iyar without mentioning that there was a bris)

  6. I’m still not totally clear. Are they saying that Tachanun is not recited on BOTH the moved-up date (tomorrow) AND the original date (Friday)? Or did the Rabbanut change its mind in the clarification from Friday-only to Thursday-only?

  7. I heard Rav Gifter Ztz”l saying that if someone started saying Hallel 3 times he can’t stop without being Matir Neder, since after all he started a Mihag Tov of thanking Hashem for a spacific Nes…

  8. My Rebbe says that Hashem is testing us specifically now during the omer when R a kivas talmidim perished because they didn’t give respect to each others opinions, Thus the Abishter is testing us to see if when we have different opinions, we will still respect one another.

  9. @#1 There are many “frum” people who care and follow what the Rabbanut says, specifically regarding Yom Haatztmaut. Base don your comment I assume you have spent zero time in a real Chardal community and don’t realize there are “frum” people outside Brooklyn . And FYI I am not one of them, I don’t say Hallel and I do say Tachanun, but I also have a little respect for others.

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  11. @#1 for frum ppl who actually want to show hakarass hatov to hashem for the kindness he HAS done for us by allowing us to live soveriegnly in artzainu hakodesh even if we are still hoping and waiting for the geulah shelaima
    “ielu hechniesanu leretz yisrael vlo buna lanu es beis habichira diaynu”

  12. I’m confused ny the first comment: is the Israeli rabbinate not frum?
    , would this guy like to come out from behind his veil of anonymity
    What cave did this guy crawl out of to make such a ignorant statement?

  13. i think that a torahdige site like matzav has no place posting such articles especily when according to some of our gedolim this borderlines kfirah mamash and why would any psak of the rabbanut make any headlines on a supposedly charaidi site?

  14. I don’t understand or see any reason hallel should be said, yom haatzmaut for those of you who don’t understand has 2 meanings 1)freedom(literally) 2)(this being the main one) that its the day they became free of having to be frum in order to be jewish, yom haatzmaut is the day the systematic destruction of yidishkeit began by the zionist government, the 1st time a jewish government officially declared that they have no part in hashem and his torah, the day the biggest de-frumization in jewish history took place, so for those of you who are happy about all this, go ahead thank hashem for it and why not say hallel while your at it. and had founder of it all herzl shem reshoim yirkav had his way we would have all been christian in uganda, would you have said hallel then??????????????

  15. Why can’t everyone just respect everyone else’s shitos and what they do. Do we not believe in ailu v’ailu? There are very respected poskim and rebbeim who hold of the different minhagim. Why can’t we all realize that we have our opinions, but respect other peoples at the same time.

  16. To Tisha Kabin and his passive aggressive cohorts: I’m not sure but I think some of mekoros stem from the same halachos they resulted in all the holidays in Megillas taanis ie any event that would seem to bring us closer to the mikdash or it may stem from the chasm sofer (among others) understanding of the gemara that determines the source of the chachamim’s authority to create Purim and Chanukah — I’m not sure but given your obvious level of Torah you should be able to work it out from there… Oh and by the way… The shulchan aruch typically stayed away from those inyanim that were it not .. In his time, noygeyah Halacha lemayse (unlike say the rambam … But u already new that right?

  17. Sad. Some people are so upset with #1’s lack of derech eretz that they’re being oiver themselves criticizing him. Yes, that was a dopey thing to ask, but why are people indulging in borderline nivul peh in giving him tochacha? Some of these posts sound a lot like the replies talk radio hosts give to callers who disagree with them. Perhaps we should be as careful about filtering our radio listening as we are about filtering our Internest.

  18. Think about it – whenever we say Hallel it’s because we were SAVED from a difficult situation.

    But on the original 5 Iyar of 64 years ago, a war STARTED that very day (Ben Gurion declared the state at 4:00 PM on Friday, May 14, 1948, and later that evening the Egyptian Air Force invaded the newly-formed State of Israel).

    So, how can you say Hallel on a day that a war STARTED ?

  19. I am an American and I don’t say Tachnun on the 4th of July, (I’m also trying to get a minyan to say Hallel)

  20. Comment from Jello
    Time April 25, 2012 at 1:14 PM

    It’s not nogayah for your viewers. Don’t you have anything better to rePort on?

    We don’t “view” Matzav: we read it.

    You, on the other hand, would appear to spend all your waking hours watching ????? ?????? on television – hence your Freudian mistake.

  21. To comment #1, the reason is very simple. Matzav’s ratings must be a little low, so they need some juicy topic to crank up the ratings!!!!

  22. You should not have printed this article. It’s as much a Halachic shailah as if you should say Hallel on Tisha B’Av

  23. Regarding the saying vs. non-saying of Hallel on Yom HaAtzmaut, there is a famous joke said in the Chareidi world:

    “We follow the Minhag of David Ben Gurion!!”

    (Ben Gurion was one of the very formost Secular Zionest leaders and founders of the State of Israel. As he was a person who was rabidly ANTI-RELIGIOUS, he obviously did not say ANY prayers or any Hallels on Israel’s independence day!)

  24. Comment # 28. from “cohen” says:

    “R’Soloveitchik was against saying of Hallel.”

    Last year, I am pretty sure that Matzav posted an article that told in detail what Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik, ZT’L, of Yeshiva University, said about saying Hallel on Yom Hatzmaut. It would certainly be a big Toeles L’Rabim if Matzav could please post it again this year.

    In general, the article related that Rav Soloveitchik said that if people want to say some chapters of Tehillim AFTER Davening, he has no objection to that. However, THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO, CHAS V’SHALOM, MAKE ANY CHANGES IN THE DAVENING ITSELF!!

    (This is similar to what this article here says Rav Ovadiah Yosef, Sh’lita, says.)

    The article further related that Rav Soloveitchik was thus very irritated by Minyanim — at YU — that flaunted his instructions (and said Hallel with a B’racha as part of Davening).

  25. if not for medinat yisrael millions of jews would of assimalated and would be lost forever can u imagine our fathers tzar losing 4 or 5 millionn of his children

  26. Comment # 2. from “chaim” says:

    “The day of the fifith of Iyar is a day that we need to be fasting on and be marbeh t’filos vetachninim. Since the establishment (of the State of Israel) how many Jewish people were killed?

    We should pray that Moshiach Tzidkeynu should lead us back to Zion, Eretz Yisroel, bekrov mamesh, omen.”

    Comment # 30. from “nope” says:

    “I don’t understand or see any reason Hallel should be said. Yom Haatzmaut, for those of you who don’t understand, has 2 meanings: 1) freedom (literally) 2) (this being the main one) that its the day they became free of having to be frum in order to be Jewish. Yom Haatzmaut is the day the systematic destruction of Yidishkeit began by the Zionist government, the 1st time a Jewish government officially declared that they have no part in Hashem and his Torah, and the day the biggest de-frumization in Jewish history took place. So for those of you who are happy about all of this, go ahead and thank Hashem for it and why not say Hallel while you’re at it. Had the founder of it all, Herzl, shem reshoim yirkav, had his way, we would have all been, Chas V’Shalom, Christian in Uganda; would you have said Hallel then??????????????”

    To these two superb comments from Mr. “Chaim” and Mr. “Nope,” I empathetically say:


  27. “Most poskim in the chareidi world have been clear in paskening that Hallel should not be said.”

    Not only in the chareidi community – Rav J.B. Soloveitchik was actually pretty against it!

  28. I would like to add the following points:

    1. Not keeping Yom Ha’Atzmaut by saying Tachanun and not saying Hallel etc does not make a person a member of the Netura Karta and is not evidence of a lack of Hakaras Ha Tov to H’ for allowing us to have a sovreign prescence in the land.

    2. There are very good halachick reasons why not to change the tefillos for this and this seems to be the opinion of most poskim. (I would be happy to see the mekoros of those who say different and to know on which poskim they are relying).

    3. Halacha should never be paskened on the basis of emotion or what “feels” appropriate.

    4. There is a historic precedent not to say hallel. In the time of Ezra, klal yisroel returned to the land and not only that, rebuilt the Beis Ha Mikdash! That would certainly merit more recognition then a Yom Ha’Atzmaut, yet there is absolutely no evidence of anything of the sort ever being done. Moreover, we see that Ezra rent his garments when he heard about the intermarriage that was going on! Today’s secular culture that exists in Israel is most likely worse than anything Ezra encountered.

  29. 46 – Oy, are you serious? Quite the contrary.
    49, ABS – Thank you for a well-said response. You’re right on.

    To my fellow Jews –
    If only those who celebrate today would be as strong-minded in other areas of Judaism as much as they are for this.
    A great sage used to relate, “‘Eizahu chochom? ha’Lomeid MI’KOL odom.’ But how can one learn even from a rosho? By learning what not to do!”
    There is one concept that every non-observant Jew aligns themselves with – Zionism.
    Be a chochom and learn your lesson.

  30. My understanding is that Rav Mordechai,Rav Ovadia and Rav Hedaya by way of example, have no objection to saying a partial Hallel without a berahca, which is the practice of Sephardim for Rosh Hodesh. I may be wrong but I think they do away with tachnun for the day as well.
    I am sure that I read that Rav Kahanaman the first Ponavich Rav ommitted both Hallel and Tachnun.
    Purely an observation, I believe that excluding elements such as Satmar,most haradim whilst anti Zionist because of the terms historical and political association consider that we have a Jewish State to be a great Hakarat Hatov from Hashem even if they don’t like the way it is governed. I believe this is one reason that prevents an overt expression of thanks on independance day.


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