Chief Rabbinate Removes Ban On X-mas Trees At Israeli Hotels



The Israeli Chief Rabbinate has removed a prohibition against the placement of X-mas trees in Israeli hotels.

Prior to the change, hotels that offered “references to gentile holidays” could lose their kosher licenses, hurting the chances of religiously observant customers staying there.

The removal of the X-mas tree restriction came in response to a petition from Chiddush – Freedom of Religion for Israel, a nongovernmental organization that filed a petition in protest of the ban with Israel’s attorney general and the Ministry of Religious Services.

“The importance of our victory is twofold,” said Rabbi Uri Regev, president and CEO of Chiddush, the Religion News Service reported.

“First, it will finally give the numerous Jewish and non-Jewish groups that visit Israel the freedom and respect which has been denied them,” and second, “it is an important lesson in the development of the rule of law in Israel, which emphasizes that the Chief Rabbinate is bound by Israeli law and is not above it,” Regev said.




  1. not only is X-mas trees now “kosher” but Shabbat is outlawed.

    Instead of “Chiddush – Freedom of Religion” it should read “Freedom FROM Religion”.

    I can’t believe this happened. It’s a sad day when the Chief Rabbinate is “under” the “rule of law In Israel”. It certainly IS an important lesson. A lesson that will have certain ramifications.

  2. Another blemish added to what is going on in the medinah now. No choice but for the shomrei Shabbos (observant) Jews but to check out which hotels and are supposedly kosher but put up trees, or whatever, to make sure not to patronize them. They should be considered totally unkosher.


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