Children’s National Hospital MD: Parents Must Weigh ‘Risk Benefit’ Of Kid Shots

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A top physician at Children’s National Hospital hailed approval of a vaccination for younger children, but said parents will always need to weigh “risk benefit.”

In an interview on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” Claire Boogaard, medical director of the COVID-19 vaccine program at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., said the data on the Pfizer shots for children is “the best news.”

“There are no serious side effects given this lower dose of the vaccine to this lower group of kids, and it still protects kids from getting the infection,” she said.

“Everything is risk benefit,” Boogaard said. “So, you need to think about your own individual family situation. You also need to think about the community around you.”

“For us as parents, we don’t want anything bad to happen to our kids, right?” she continued. “COVID has bad complications with children, doesn’t have it with all children, but has many. And it also has the complications in this young group of having long term issues, whether it’s having symptoms that last longer than two months, which is the long COVID that people talk about, or developing a very serious, life-threatening condition called multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children.”

But she said for herself as a mother, “if I have a choice, I’d rather use this super safe vaccine to get them back into school and back to their normal life.”

“I also know that scientists take this very seriously,” she added. “They do not want to offer something that’s going to harm people. Myself as a doctor, I don’t want to go out advocating for something that I don’t think is safe. So, I promise hope is coming. We’re almost at the end of this.”

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  1. Yes, but has this “top children’s doctor” read all the anonymous online posts from everyone who knows better than the best-trained scientists and physicians?
    Did she consult with Drs. Ivor McTin and Hydroxylenko?

  2. If there are no benefits for adults except for depop, there surely are no benefits for children except for them remaining childless. Parents who give the child the death jab should have their children taken from them.

  3. Tired of people’s stupidities, have you listened to all the top doctors who didn’t sell out for money or professional gain and warned again giving this vaccine for children?


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