Chilling Flashback: In 2014, Brussels Airport Filled With Fake Blood to Condemn Israel

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In 2014, while Israelis were hiding in bomb shelters as Hamas fired thousands of rockets at civilians, anti-Israel BDS activists were busy at the Liège Airport in Brussels, spreading fake blood and condemning Israel for standing up to terrorists who seek to destroy and bring harm to innocents.

Yesterday, terror hit a different Brussels airport, with tragic repercussions.


  1. The airport in yesterday news is Zaventem. It is the main Belgian international airport and the hub of the Belgian airline (formerly SABENA). Also, Eurotrafic which controls all the european civilian air traffic is located under the ground very close to Zaventem, actually next to part of the airport itself.
    Other Belgian airports are Liege, the one in the above news, and Charleroi where most of flight were diverted yesterday.


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