Chilling: Illegal Immigrants Held in Freezers

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immigrantsLas hieleras, or “the freezers,” is how immigrants and some Border Patrol agents refer to the chilly holding cells at many stations along the U.S.-Mexico border. The facilities are used to house recently captured border crossers until they can be transferred to a long-term Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility, returned to their native country, or released until their immigration hearing.

According to interviews and court documents, many immigrants have been held for days in rooms kept at temperatures so low that men, women ,and children have developed illnesses associated with the cold, lack of sleep, overcrowding, and inadequate food, water and toilet facilities. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Maybe they should think twice about attempting to enter our country illegaly!
    Frankly, a lot of countries would shoot them.
    If we did that we wouldnt have a problem.
    Instead, we give them healthcare and schooling and welfare and drivers licenses and voting rights…
    Shame on us.

  2. #6 – a lot of areas on the border are high up, and at high altitudes it gets cold no matter where you are. #7 – a very perceptive comment. Unfortunately, it will likely never happen. In order to have compassion, you usually have to have suffered yourself


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