Chilling Testimony from R’ Yoel Weinberger Following Willy Beating


yoel-weinbergerThe NY Post reports: A Brooklyn Jewish school teacher today gave chilling testimony of how he was brutally attacked on Thanksgiving by two teens, saying they briefly knocked him unconscious, then ripped off his Hasidic garb as he tried to escape and taunted him by shouting “Jew! Jew!””They hit me in the eye, and my glasses fell down and I lost consciousness,” Joel Weinberger, 26, testified in Brooklyn Family Court, regarding the alleged attack on Harrison Avenue and Wallabout Street in South Williamsburg.

Two NYPD detectives later testified that the teens confessed attacking Weinberger for “fun.”

Weinberger said that when he regained consciousness shortly after, the teens ripped off his religious hat, jacket and yarmulke and began taunting him yelling, “Jew! Jew!”

The Brooklyn male teens, whose names are being withheld because of a judge’s order, have been charged with committing two other hate crimes in South Williamsburg against Jews on Dec. 4 and Dec 6.

According to Det. Nicole Carter, when one teen was asked why they were targeting the Jewish community, he said “It was something fun to do” and “they don’t hit back.”

Carter said the teens confessed to being bored before the incident, so they smoked $5 worth of pot at a local park and decided to head to P.S. 318, which they referred to as “Jew Town.”

Weinberger said the attack left him with a fractured eye and three metal plates in his face, although he eventually was able to get away.

He said he was confronted by the teens while he talking on his cell phone and walking home from the Be’er Torah Yeshiva, which is three blocks away. He said the teens didn’t take his wallet or his phone – even though Weinberger said he offered it to them.

Weinberger said he was so dazed after being hit that he couldn’t identify his attackers in court. Police said the teens admitted to attacking Weinberger while being questioned over other attacks.

However, their lawyers contend they were illegally coerced into the confessions, although they don’t deny the teens were at the scene of the attack.

The teens are facing assault and harassment charges and the case is being handled as a bias crime.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}



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